A detailed introduction to rubber magnet is here

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A detailed introduction to rubber magnet is all here!

The rubber magnet material itself has high plasticity, and the finished product has good flexibility and can be used to prepare products with complex and thin-walled shapes; Good consistency and high dimensional accuracy; Good impact and vibration resistance, not fragile; Safe and reliable magnetic pole gap; And it can be customized according to chemicals such as acid and alkali.

I would like to know: "Rubber magnet materials have high plasticity and can mainly be used in broadcasting rooms, watches, clinical applications, animals, etc. They can also be controlled through computer programming to control the logical load of the computer, including the structure, phase, and composition of the rubber magnet.

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Method of using antibodies against tetanus toxoid heavy chain fragment C g (t1b) [72b9].

Permangan's MSP480R can directly replace the Beckman workstation A32782 magnetic plate.

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NR-52955 carrier pLVX-EF1 α- IR1.

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