Accelerate the transformation of neodymium magnet industry towards innovative development

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Accelerate the transformation of the neodymium magnet industry towards innovative development: Various enterprises actively invest in new projects, high-performance hardware processing rare earth permanent magnet materials, and assist in national economic construction.

Enterprise support steel: Special attention should be paid to building a billet workshop. In order to ensure scale and better serve the enterprise, our company is willing to establish long-term friendly cooperative relationships with new and old customers, and work together to develop together.

The wall greening construction team has rich experience in strengthening the construction of land use factories and also provides a large number of sheet engineering technicians. They have also provided innovative technical suggestions in design, manufacturing process, installation, and other aspects for various building applications.

The pipeline slurry iron remover consists of two parts: a non magnetic pipeline and a permanent magnet, used to close the iron removal of non magnetic materials inside the pipeline. The permanent magnet iron remover uses high-performance rare earth strong magnetic materials to form a composite magnetic system, which has the characteristics of small volume, large magnetic force, light weight, clean iron removal, convenience, no energy consumption, and long service life. Suitable for occasions where there is no conveyor belt and only a feeding chute can be provided.

The medium used for steel slag iron ore powder coal preparation is a type of magnetite powder, which consists of magnetite, hematite, and pyrite. The physical properties of magnetite powder vary depending on their origin, chemical composition, and composition. The iron separation process and equipment in coal preparation plants also have different separation effects.

A dryer is a continuous crusher suitable for the flow operation of weakly magnetic metal ores such as magnetite and hematite through equipment combination. Lime kiln and andalusite are developed as "pre heating" cycle processes.

Technical indicators of magnetite powder: The magnetite powder of this beneficiation production line is first soaked in self wet water. After use, the particle size is less than 350mm, and then the magnetic iron ore we choose is bonded to the magnetic sheet. The quality requirements can be designed according to customer requirements or compared with microcomputer based design.

The properties of magnetite powder are generally divided into metal magnetite powder, iron ore, etc. The commonly used types of magnetite powder and quartz sand in the industry include magnetite powder, hematite powder, magnetite powder, sunlight powder, limonite powder, amorphous particles, sulfurized benzene coal, hematite powder and mixed coke, sewage slag, etc.

Technical indicators of magnetite powder: This study adopts "five imported magnetic particle analysis equipment, laser particle size analysis technology, hydrogen crushing powder making experimental equipment, precision chemical cluster analyzer, magnetic induction equipment, magnetic particle detection system, magnetic permeability measurement technology, etc. After several processes of inspection and analysis, the preparation and analysis of magnetic powder are relatively complex. Currently, there is no suitable ferrite powder for magnetic powder production in foreign countries, and its quality is stable, The cost is relatively low, and it is a major national environmental certification electronic device magnetic core product.

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