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Adhesive Magnetic Tape Isotropic Paper Magnet Custom Fridge Magnet Magnetic Strip Rubber Magnet in Roll Custom Size

  • Rubber Magnet

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Description:  Rubber magnet
Material: Made   of ferrite powder,synthetic rubber ,plastic and other materials .
Product Name: Flexible   Rubber Magnet, Printable Magnet, Rubber Magnet, Magnetic Sheet, Magnetic   Strip, Soft Magnet, Fridge Magnet.
Working Temperature: Grade Temperature
                        ISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET
YN-5T 80ºC
YN-8 80ºC
                        ANISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET
YN-10 80ºC
YN-11 80ºC
YN-13 80ºC
YN-15 80ºC
Magnet Shapes and Sizes:  Rolls,sheets,strips,bloclks,rings,with   max.Width 900mm,thickness from 0.20mm-10mm,length can be as long as what   customers require,steady pole
Surface Treatment Laminated   with pvc sheet of different colors ,self-adhesive tape ,coated with UV 
Color   Imprinted & Die-cut Laminated   with pvc sheet ,color imprinted with any disigns and logos ,die cut into any   shape .
Features: Good   flexibility and precise dimension                                                                                            
    Production Method :extruding ,calendaring,injecting and molding
Applications: Promotion   gifts ,advertising ,magnetic button ,door and window fixers ,seal strips   ,magnetic stationery and micro-motoes etc .
Grade Br HcB Hcj (BH)max
KGs Ka/m Ka/m Kj/m³
YN-5T 140-155 90-120 130 4.0-5.6
(1400-1550) (1125-1500) -1625 (0.5-0.7)
YN-8 160-185 120-140 150 5.6-7.0
(1600-1850) (1500-1750) -1875 (0.7-0.89)
YN-10 200-210 145 160 8.0-9.6
(2000-2100) -1812 -2000 (1.0-1.2)
YN-11 230-245 160 175 10.0-11.0
(2300-2450) -2000 -2188 (1.25-1.39)
YN-13 >=250 160 182 11.2-12.6
(>=2500) -2000 -2275 (1.40-1.51)
YN-15 260 172 196 12-12.8
-26000 -2150 -2450 (1.5-1.6)
YN-11H 230-240 170 188 10.0-11.0
(2300-2400) -2125 -2500 (1.25-1.34)

HS021b2 (6)1b2 (7)1b2 (8)1b2 (1)1b2 (2)1b2 (4)1b2 (9)


1.How fast  can I get a reply?
You will receive our reply  within 15 minutes during our work time 08:00-18:00(UTC-8).
2.Can I get free samples?
Free samples are available at  warehouse. However it may take minimum 7 days for production if your size is  not on our stock list.
3.Are you able to offer best  price?
Magnets are functional  products,the cost depend on how strong the materials you need. We believe the  most suitable is the best, therefore HONESUN keen to offer best prices to  meet your targets.
4.Are you able to provide best  quality?
At our company you receive  products under guarantee of ISO9001systems.
5.What are your best lead  time?
Immediately shipments are  available for stock magnets. For fresh materials,we need 7-15 days for  production.

Kimi Wang


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