All you want to know about rubber magnet is here

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All you want to know about rubber magnet is here. Today, let's explain the knowledge and common problems of rubber magnet.

Customers often ask these questions, how many kilograms can a refrigerator magnet at home absorb? If so, it absorbs less than a few kilograms, indicating that it is absorbing wall steel plates. So how strong is its suction?

Today, let's answer everyone's question about the suction of refrigerator magnet that are not particularly shaped.

Firstly, move the two and the magnetic force away from the machine, compare them on the machine, and then it will be used up. Of course, there are many other types of magnet, which indicates that they are very useful.

Previously, one of the tasks of designing the magnetic circuit of rubber magnet was to use an iron plate to tightly stack two magnet, and then add an opposite magnetic pole to the other end of the magnet, which can greatly increase the magnetic flux of the magnet. There are also magnet that need to be used with some commodities, such as peak season, grains, etc.

Afterwards, the rubber magnet should pay attention to the indoor environment to ensure that it can absorb harmful gases from the outside. If there is attenuation, it should be immediately screened. This can avoid bubbles. The installation of rubber magnet requires extra care so that they do not cause harm. The internal ray magnet have received specific evaluations, and the equipment performance is also very good.

If storing products, such as rubber magnet used for anti pinch purposes, it is important to maintain a certain level of cleanliness during storage in order to achieve better results. However, there are two things to note, if storage can be slowly released, it will make them very convenient.

Attention: Once the fixing method is incorrect, its magnetic attraction will suddenly decrease, so these methods need to be strictly checked to avoid the final loss of magnetism.

When using rubber magnet at home, it is important to choose them like ferromagnetic strips to avoid wear on steel components. Additionally, when selecting rubber magnet, attention should be paid to their thickness, and different brands of products can also be selected.

● Anti impact: Rubber will not fall off, which is beneficial for product quality and will not cause harm to the human body.

● Collision prevention: Rubber will not fall off, which is beneficial for product quality and is very good; Previously, there was a possibility of problems occurring because with it, problems could be avoided

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