Answers to several major questions about the export of n52 magnet

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Before solving the second problem, we must first understand the operator.

With the continuous development of modern industry, the safety measures of active devices are continuously optimized, such as the location of electrical connections, the safe handling of wires, and the constraints of magnet and leads.

The lifting electromagnet used for hanging steel is suitable for lifting workpieces of different tonnage, such as mechanical parts, light and small lifting, and various types of steel.

The use of the MW22 series lifting coil wire (circular) lifting electromagnet is suitable for lifting workpieces of different tonnage, such as strong magnetic suction cups, permanent magnetic suction cups, thin cars, small cars, whether with suction cups, seamless steel pipes, billet beams, U-shaped steel, etc.

Rectangular electromagnets are suitable for lifting single thin steel plates and long steel plates. When lifting is completed, secondary processing must be carried out to improve suction.

Suitable for lifting slabs, profiles, steels, and other shaped steel plates of different specifications.

The lifting electromagnet used for lifting and transporting coil wires (coils) is suitable for lifting steel strip coils. When flames, cold air, materials, or improper handling occur, magnetic suction cups must be used for handling to improve work efficiency.

Use materials with magnetic charges and try to use thin plates and sheets to reduce the possibility of rigidity and surface overload.

● Handle the heaviest lifting electromagnet. The length of the track exceeds 50mm and 20mm, and operations are generally carried out according to the different lengths.

If there are no sensors in the workplace, a set of lifting electromagnets can also be used for work or in special places.

The heaviest part to be handled should be larger than the larger lifting electromagnet. If the workplace is uncomfortable, you can also find a set of lifting electromagnets to use for work.

The cable was pulled out and was found to have been pulled out. A single cable is pulled out and there is no possibility of a discount.

The cable line of the lifting electromagnet does not have the weight we call too low, or the cable has been pulled out.

The use environment of lifting electromagnets is prone to magnetization on some drums, bearings, commutators, etc., especially those that do not allow cables to be opened.

The lifting electromagnet suction cup has no magnetic force and is too long, which may be due to voltage issues causing insufficient suction on the strong electromagnet suction surface, resulting in a large amount of current.

I feel drawn back by the electromagnet. The fuse is very burnt out. It was found that the electromagnetic coil was burnt out. This indicates how to handle it in order to protect the electromagnet well.

To repair the traction electromagnet, it is necessary to perform a sliding test and disassembly test method, which can be tested with a multimeter without an indicator light.

Assist the electrician in completing the test of the power conversion electromagnet sample. The magnetic rod may not be affected by the above conditions, and the attracted ferromagnetic metal object can be pierced into a hole. If damaged by the magnetic rod, it can be slowly recovered.

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