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Bar Neodymium Motor Magnet N52

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Bar Neodymium Motor Magnet N52:Neodymium block magnet, also known as rectangular magnet, square magnet or bar magnet, compared with disc magnet, block magnet is not as commonly used as disc magnet, but their straight line and clean edge offer a pleasing and different visual appearance, what's more, it provides a bigger surface area than disc magnet of same diameter.

Block magnet is usually magnetized with north and south pole on opposite square faces, also a multi poles magnetized block is possible with a new magnetizer machine.

Block magnet is widely favoured for clamping applications, magnetic sweeper applications, magnetic separators in the food industry, wind turbine generators, flow control systems & water conditioning application and other related industrial applications.

We are ready to make a custom block magnet for your application, welcome to contact us for a further communication.

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