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China Sintered Hard Segment Y35 Y38 Y44 Y46 Ferrite Magnet

We mainly offer strong power neodymium magnets, rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, Smco, Alnico magnets. China's sintered hard segment Y35, Y38, Y44, Y46 ferrite magnet is a high-performance permanent magnet material known for its excellent magnetic properties and wide range of applications. These ferrite magnets are commonly used in motors, generators, sensors, medical equipment and a variety of industrial applications. They provide reliable magnetic performance and durability and are critical components in many fields. Y35, Y38, Y44 and Y46 represent different magnetic performance levels and can be selected according to specific application requirements.


Grade Br

KGs mT kOe Ka/m kOe Ka/m MGOe Kj/m³
Y10T 2.00~2.35 200~235 1.57~2.01 125~160 2.64~3.52 210~280 0.81~1.19 6.5~9.5
Y25 3.60~4.00 360~400 1.70~2.20 135~175 1.76~2.51 140~200 2.80~3.50 22.5~28.0
Y30 3.70~4.00 370~400 2.20~2.64 175~210 2.26~2.77 180~220 3.30~3.77 26.0~30.0
Y30BH 3.80~4.00 380~400 2.80~3.46 223~275 2.85~3.65 227~290 3.40~4.10 27.0~32.5
Y33 4.00~4.30 400~430 2.76~3.14 220~250 2.83~3.20 225~255 3.96~4.40 31.5~35.0
Y35 4.00~4.20 400~420 2.20~2.70 175~222 2.26~2.80 180~241 3.80~4.20 30.0~33.0
Y35AH 400~410 4.00~4.10 2.60~2.8 200~225 2.7~2.90 210~230 3.90~4.10 31.0~33.0
Y36 430~450 4.30~4.50 3.10~280 240~275 3.14~3.42 250~270 4.40~4.80 35.0~38.0
Y38 440~460 4.40~4.60 3.58~3.83 285~305 3.69~3.89 294~310 4.60~5.10 36.6~40.6
Y40 440~460 4.40~4.60 4.15~4.45 330~354 4.27~4.52 340~360 4.70~5.20 37.6~41.8







1. Can the strong magnetic properties of this iron-plated hard segment y35 y38 y44 y46 ferrite magnet meet the needs of various industrial applications?
This iron-plated hard segment y35 y38 y44 y46 ferrite magnet possesses impressive magnetic strength that makes it suitable for an array of industrial applications. Its robust properties and reliable performance make it a sought-after choice for various businesses and industries. With its strong magnetic force, it has the potential to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of different sectors, making it a highly versatile and valuable component in modern manufacturing. Whether in electronics, automotive, or renewable energy, this ferrite magnet offers immense potential for enhancing efficiency and driving progress.

2. What is the operating temperature range of this ferrite magnet? Can it withstand high temperatures?
The operating temperature range of this ferrite magnet is typically between -40°C and 250°C. It is suitable for use in various applications, including motors, speakers, and magnetic separators. However, it may experience some loss of magnetic strength at high temperatures, with a drop of up to 10% at 200°C. Therefore, it is not recommended for continuous use at extremely high temperatures above its operating range.

3. What is the processing accuracy of this ferrite magnet? Can it meet the requirements of precision machining?
The processing accuracy of the ferrite magnet is an important factor to consider when using it for precision machining. This refers to the degree of accuracy when producing parts or components using the magnet. Different grades of ferrite magnets offer varying levels of processing accuracy, so it is important to choose the right grade for the specific machining task. With the correct grade, ferrite magnets can meet and even exceed the high precision requirements of machining processes, making them a reliable and cost-effective option for various industrial applications.

4. Does this hard segment ferrite magnet have stable magnetic properties? Can it be used for a long time?
The hard segment ferrite magnet is known for its strong and durable magnetic properties. This type of magnet is widely used in various industries, including electronics, transportation, and medical equipment. With its stable and reliable magnetic field, it ensures that the desired effect is achieved for a prolonged period of time. Thanks to its high resistance to demagnetization, this magnet can maintain its magnetic properties even under extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. In conclusion, the hard segment ferrite magnet is an ideal choice for long-lasting and efficient magnetic applications.

5. What raw materials are needed to produce this ferrite magnet? Is it environmentally friendly?
To produce a ferrite magnet, the main raw materials required are iron oxide, barium or strontium carbonate, and additional elements such as cobalt, nickel, or copper. These materials are mixed, formed into a desired shape, and then fired at high temperatures to create the final product. In terms of environmental impact, the production of ferrite magnets typically results in lower levels of waste and emissions compared to other types of magnets.

6. What is the surface treatment of this ferrite magnet? Can it prevent rust and corrosion?
The surface treatment for this ferrite magnet is typically a coating of a protective layer such as nickel or zinc. This coating helps to prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring the longevity and durability of the magnet. By providing a barrier between the magnet and its surrounding environment, the surface treatment effectively protects the magnet from potential damage caused by moisture or other elements.

7. Are there a variety of ferrite magnet sizes and shapes to choose from? Is custom design possible?
Yes, there is a wide selection of ferrite magnet sizes and shapes available for customers to choose from. From traditional discs and cylinders to more unique shapes such as blocks and rings, there is a magnet to fit any application. Additionally, custom design services are also available, allowing for tailored solutions to specific needs. This flexibility makes ferrite magnets a popular choice for various industries such as electronics, automotive, and medical.


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