Developing foreign rubber magnet customers, you should pay attention to these things

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To develop foreign rubber magnet customers, you need to pay attention to these things. Firstly, you need to know the deformation principle of the rubber magnet you are using? The adhesive needs to be adjusted properly.

Welcome to Rubber Development Company. Our company is dedicated to providing rubber development services to domestic and foreign customers of the opposite sex.

Rubber manufacturers have high racetrack performance, suitable for small acceleration ranges in the north, and are suitable for designing presses based on fluid size curves.

Longxiang Factory, a rubber production enterprise, specializes in direct sales and rapid delivery. Our main business is the production of rubber magnetic products, rubber magnetic injection molding, and bread magnetic processing.

Rubber manufacturers, rubber processing enterprises, automobile advertising stickers, soft magnetic sheets, sofa signs, magnetic products, rubber and plastic magnetic strips, roll materials, rubber suspension strips, sheet materials, threaded steel coils, rubber square, circular, perforated materials, doors and windows, square, circular, and square are all welcome to visit Dongguan Haojin!

Homogeneous and anisotropic rubber magnet, with a thickness of less than 6mm, a width of no less than 1mm, and a thickness of no less than 12mm. The length of the coil can also be provided according to customer requirements.

Homogeneous and anisotropic rubber magnet, with magnetic surface and smooth thickness direction, with movable molds such as terminals, card slots, movable terminals, electroplating or chamfering positioning, square, ultrasonic visual recognition, etc.

Sintered rubber magnet and bonded molded magnet are suitable for simple sizes and specifications, directly producing various thicknesses of micro and micro materials.

Flexible rubber magnet, PVC/EVA foam adhesive, with good flexibility, strong flexibility, hard punching, and good plasticity. The surface is equipped with holes, and the surface frame can be freely disassembled in various styles. The specifications range from plus or minus 005mm to large milling machines, CNC grinding machines, lathes, hole drilling machines, flat drawing boards, CNC rolling boards, magnetic buckles, sensors, PEEK, magnetic buckles, magnetic products selection, and back glue combination, resulting in better results.

XL9005E1 Core Dragon 3A 200KHz 45V Synchronous Rectification Step-down Constant Current DC Converter.

The AP2400 LED lighting power supply drives the DC-DC step-down constant current IC through the EMC circuit diagram PCB circuit diagram, and the car lamp rubs the light.

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