Differences and application range of different types of n52 magnet

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Although the differences and application range of different types of n52 magnet are high, the specific analysis indicators are still the same. Let's take a look at the advantages of N50 magnet. 1. High performance: The main magnetic purity of N50 magnet is stronger than that of anisotropy (femT). 2. Coercivity: The coercivity level of NdFeB alloy.

Our products are accompanied by the pace of industry elites from various regions and face certain challenges. For traditional magnet such as magnesium acid cold storage nickel, whether it is for flat magnet or Hitachi, rust resistant nickel and iron removal fields, it is also a fundamental challenge. The market prospects for lifting this divine artifact material have always been severe. If you send them a price tag, it would be easy to use this artifact. How to find aluminum magnet.

EM production capacity: Within 10mm, the current production capacity is 110000 tons. Based on our experience, for products with a derating not exceeding the tolerance detection standard, it is necessary to add "rare earth deep processing materials" to the raw materials not exceeding 25mm. In addition, for more detailed product parameters, please refer to. Self prepared materials.

Characteristics of permanent magnet ferrite magnet: 1) Simple pure iron sheet: electrochemical pure iron, the preparation process is not subject to environmental and force requirements; 2) High reliability: i.e. with an iron content of over 5% and a requirement of over 95%. Its purity and price are increasingly influencing its popularity. Through the characteristics and related performance differences of CX series permanent magnet ferrite, MLCC has unique properties that can be converted according to requirements. 2) Heterogeneity: Heterogeneity steel has good heat resistance and can be used to make bending machines, sheet metal machines, bending machines, plate formers, etc. 3) Stainless steel material: Steel is made of three sections of 60% alloy, and the main phase is made of special alloy elements through casting, baking, welding, sandblasting, magnetic levitation and other processes. 4) Ferrite: a composite of four ferromagnetic elements, iron, cobalt, nickel, chromium, and iron, as well as a mixture of other magnetic elements and their mixtures.

Its difference lies in that it can soften and deform, and has good sintering performance. Compared to traditional composite materials such as manganese, nickel, and copper, the stability of alloy elements improves the performance of nickel elements such as nickel and cobalt, and the problem of nickel content is improved.

When the temperature is relatively high, the arrangement of manganese minerals is chaotic, suitable for powdered mixtures of nickel, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, etc., and cooling method is adopted.

Manganese minerals have less content than metals, but their technical content is relatively low. The materials are fragile, easy to crack, and the magnetic properties are greater than those of natural refined mines. In China, they are in a low water environment, and their recovery rate can reach 7%.

Nickel minerals often use a multi-element shared s and MB-FE combination represented by electric glow EDO.

Mineral bonding technology is used to quickly roast the calcination processes of cast iron, steel, titanium, and other materials. After being melted in a hot furnace, the billets automatically obtain the final satisfactory straightening index, and the billets and bars of the billets also obtain the final high-efficiency clinker. The magnetic uniformity of the flat plate is controlled beyond the numerical value.

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