Differences and application scope of different types of round magnet

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The differences and application scope of different types of round magnet Packaging: Most products in the packaging and display market are packaged with "waste" or "bottom box" packaging. Our products have the characteristics of multiple brands, high specification value, complete functions, and discounted prices. The packaging box is designed for packaging, making it convenient for customers to place it specifically on the relevant products you recommend according to their own needs. Some magnet are naturally generated, some are natural. According to different materials, it can generally be divided into alloy strong magnet and ferrite magnet.

magnet are composed of "strong magnet". For example, it can be painted, nickel plated, electrophoretic, and so on. The shapes of magnet are usually various, such as various high-temperature resistant magnet. Its characteristics: circular ring: can withstand high temperatures, and has strong suction and high residual magnetism; Square piece: Machines usually use suction.

Magnetic separators, as an important tool, can complete complex cutting processes and use electrical energy to separate complex shapes and materials such as aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc. The principle is to use the strong magnet of atoms in a magnetic field, based on various physical quantities.

There are many components of magnetic separators, including: electromagnetic suction cups, electrically controlled permanent magnet suction cups, electric permanent magnet suction cups, magnetic couplings, motor magnetic bars, strong magnet, magnetic bars, magnetic frames, magnetic blocks, large square magnet, small magnet, large magnet, small round magnet, large round magnet, magnetic bars, magnetic frames, magnetic blocks, magnetic bars, magnetic sheets, magnetic rings, magnetic cores, magnetic buttons, magnetic buckles, magnetic magnet, magnetic particles, magnetic nails, magnetic bars, magnetic steel Aluminum nickel cobalt, cobalt oxide, ferrite, rubber magnet, soft magnet, plastic magnet, bonded magnetic ring, rubber magnet, rubber (soft magnet) magnetic sheet, magnetic strip, magnetic sheet, magnetic ring, magnetic core, magnetic button, magnetic buckle, magnetic attraction, magnetic substance, magnetic particle, magnetic nail, magnetic row, magnetic steel, aluminum nickel cobalt, cobalt oxide, ferrite, soft magnet, rubber magnet, magnetic material, plastic magnet, magnet, magnetic steel, aluminum nickel cobalt, AL magnet, rubber magnet, cobalt oxide, ferrite, rubber magnet Magnetic products and hardware reinforced magnet, etc.

The manufacturer provides Guangdong rubber, magnetic, silicone, ABS resin, black magnet clothing, invisible magnet, magnetic buttons, magnetic buckles, acrylic anti-collision pots, magnetic box and bag patches.

The manufacturer provides magnetic soft magnetic sheets with a thickness of 05mm-6mm, rubber magnet, soft magnetic backing, soft magnetic anisotropy, and a combination of fixed and bonded magnetic sheets.

Supply elevator soft magnetic rubber demagnetizer elevator soft magnetic large back rubber soft magnetic sheet rubber magnetic plastic printing machine processing.

Dongguan soft magnetic sheet, rubber magnetic strip, rubber magnetic sheet, iron magnet square or various other soft magnetic sheets, rubber magnetic coil, magnetic sheet, magnetic strip with a magnetic field of 5mm to 40mm, and large adhesive magnetic strip are customized according to the drawings and samples.

Supply of soft magnetic material transmission equipment for Yuyao Power Plant. The GS20 soft magnetic sheet and magnet can be customized.

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