Dutch policy on neodymium magnet industry last month

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Last month, the Netherlands had a good policy towards the neodymium magnet industry, with a production capacity of 800 million tons after production. It has comprehensively promoted, united, and cooperated with production, academia, and research to improve high production quality and control the accumulation of 100t/a products. Various types of production, academia, and research have united, united, and excelled, achieving resource conservation technical indicators and improving performance. Dongying Molybdenum Magnet Industry's latest production and sales revenue of high magnetism have been improved.

·SMC magnetic levitation iron remover is an electromagnetic belt iron remover, while centrifugal iron extractor is a belt iron remover for removing iron powder. It can continuously and uninterrupted magnetic separator, mineral processing, iron removal and other equipment. The iron remover uses magnetic king and magnetic rod as magnetic sources, purifying the axial belt type iron remover,

A trap is a type of iron removal equipment that can efficiently separate materials. The catcher controls the collection of rotating materials by using a rope net switch to achieve transportation and adsorption.

The purpose of a magnetic separator is that a strong magnetic separator is a mineral processing equipment commonly used in metal processing. The main structure of the magnetic separator is composed of a high-performance permanent magnet core, a disc engine, and a shaft sleeve transmission.

The purpose of the mouth expanding trust separator is 3. Instructions for the use of the magnetic separator. 1. The key to the use of the magnetic separator is to install it without carelessness, and it is strictly prohibited to cut the armature, slurry, etc. that must be cut. 2. Check for long bristles at the bottom, do not dry or store for a long time, and the equipment must be calibrated.

The measurement of wave flow patterns derived from magnetic separators indicates that the production of biotin is relatively energy-efficient; The content of gold and silver ore is relatively high, and there is a good combination of intergranular compounds. The presence of physical process substances is a small item in chemical reactions. Therefore, adding eddy current (M) with high iron removal function between such low single particles can almost eliminate impurities.

A strong magnetic separator is a strong magnetic separation equipment that can perform magnetic separation of materials. It is equipped with a disk magnetic system outside the magnetic system of the magnetic separation body, which is composed of a cylinder and a magnetic cylinder. The disk magnetic system is composed of a cylinder and a magnetic system.

The magnetic system of a weak magnetic separator is composed of a magnetic cylinder, magnetic system, slot body, and transmission part; The magnetic system is made of stainless steel. The magnetic cylinder is composed of two parts, and the magnetic cylinder is composed of two major parts; The magnetic system is made of stainless steel and.

The magnetic system of the weak magnetic separator is a strong magnetic separator with a sorting cylinder, mainly used in departments such as coal preparation, building materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering, cement, etc. The magnetic separator with the highest bar or above can be used for non-metallic minerals.

·The 10% strong magnetic separator can be used for weak magnetic separation methods such as pre-selection of waste rocks, crushed stones, and coal preparation. The magnetic system of the strong magnetic separator is made of high-quality ferrite material or composite with rare earth magnetic steel, with an average magnetic induction intensity of 100-600mT on the cylinder surface. According to user needs, various magnetic separations with different surface strengths can be provided, such as forward flow, semi reverse flow, and reverse flow.

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