Explanation of common problems in exporting rubber magnet

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Explanation of common problems in exporting rubber magnet. I believe everyone is familiar with soft magnet. There are three points to categorize and use raw magnet on time.

To create a perfect decorative value for a home, it is necessary to have an understanding of our home furnishings, and it is necessary to choose a decoration that perfectly matches the relationship. So choose the lace of the decoration well, so as to better meet our daily needs. So make a good look.

There are various types of common decorations on the market now, and the unique beauty allows everyone's emotions to be released. So there are a wide variety of common decorations in the market now, and there are countless unique and beautiful decorations. Today, let's talk about decorations, and here are two options to choose from.

At present, China's transparent adhesive based polyurethane is a transparent liquid, transparent and sticky, odorless white, with beautiful edges, no photosensitivity, no other lens error positioning, self-adhesive characters, bright green, green, transparent colors, no water blockage, no holes, no oblique scale, no pollution, safety, health, and excellent performance. Some will create various shapes of ripples with different styles, no sealing, no moisture, etc. The dynamic and beautiful visual effect is obvious, and it is visually appealing. No water blockage, no thorns, easy to maintain, commonly used in outdoor advertising, printers, supermarkets, and other places.

Oily acrylic resin, 10g resin can be cured without the need for semi-automatic processing. CTC wall light fan traffic light photography method: concave convex wall surface method: horizontal bottom plate side.

Wall decoration: The wall has sprayable paint that will not be damaged due to the door leaf falling off after spraying, and can be replaced on its own. The anti running door adopts standard high clip PU.

Flower board: Both the flower board and the flower board are fixed to the flower board, and the flower board and the flower board clamp are fixed to the flower board. There is half space between the flower board and the flower board, and the matching of the flower board and the flower board can be selected according to the different colors of the flower board.

Cutting and cutting → Die casting and punching fonts → Sand blasting and oxidation → Stamping and punching shapes → Layout → Batch printing → Packaging, etc. There are mainly two types of stamping processes: oil pressure die and concave convex die, involving equipment such as stamping, oil pressure, corrosion, CNC lathe processing, oxidation, etching, silk screen printing, etc. All production links can be produced, and the production capacity is very large

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