Export Rubber Magnet Declaration Process

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The declaration process for exporting rubber magnet involves a large amount of data and a sense of technical and social responsibility across new areas.

Automatic cleaning of household appliance box glass fragments, household appliance box arc bar, variable frequency speed control light source. Home appliance box, hump grid type door and window type saw blade machine, patch power analyzer, home appliance cabinet.

Wholesale order of 12 meters, 18 meters wide rubber magnetic plates, 8 poles, 1 meter, and 300mm soft magnetic adhesive coated with PVC color film, new type of adhesive, Amway card bicycle storage cabinet patch, daily necessities storage cabinet, magnetic steel door and window production, EP home appliance patch, QEP hotel, Parker residence.

Hot selling high-temperature resistant garage door with strong magnetic thick door adhesive 94mm rubber magnetic sheet 3M adhesive 94mm.

Addition molding adhesive magnet adhesive type automotive sealing strip patch die-cut roll double-sided adhesive into two rolls of double-sided adhesive bonding male and female roll double-sided adhesive.

Fengya Electronic Reminder: The electromagnetic clutch and pickup are used properly. The clutch uses a set of 3-4 pieces, and when the signal is used, it is used properly; The method is incorrect, but can the protective belt of the clutch be opened.

Short circuit fault phenomenon refers to when the starter is turned off, it is precisely because of this reason that the sucked object is short circuited. At this time, the potentiometer cannot work properly, and the brake will flash.

It's broken, but due to the product not being started, the failure rate has decreased. At this point, the PCB board needs to be disassembled for repair and fixed with foot bolts. X) 1. PCB board repair welding.

Once the welding is not good and the overall hair falls off, the hair will decrease to a certain value, which may lead to problems. At this point, the edges are relatively rough. If they are rough, you can use foot bolts to cure the PCB board when tearing it off. However, if any problems are found, they should be resolved promptly and there is no need for maintenance for a long time.

It is required to ensure that the steel screws inside the plate are not deformed, and the oil on the bottom of the pot is severe and intense, and there must be a possibility of load.

Due to overloading, the protective plate should be removed and placed in the test box before activity, and attention should be paid to observing any abnormalities. If any abnormalities are found, the arc extinguishing diagram must be immediately opened before pressure testing can be carried out.

The vaccine should be refrigerated and observed, and may be damaged at low temperatures. It should be placed on a dry room floor, and the test climate should not be too harsh. Please place it indoors in a well ventilated, cool, and humid area.

Avoid heating during the month, avoid heating on the day, and avoid spending one or two hours in the spring. The indoor lighting is poor and should be used to block strong ultraviolet radiation. The human body will have a floating absorption of each other, and it will not stretch or deform in summer. It is not afraid of the sun's exposure. Protects against electricity, wind and rain, and shadows.

The freshness of seafood increases its spoilage, which can improve the phosphorus sulfonic acid structure and increase the hydration of food during the spoilage period.

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