Foreign traders exporting rubber magnet, please note

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Foreign traders who export rubber magnet should pay attention to the production and export of rubber magnet, and ensure a reasonable price. The AP circuit outlet of the encoder should be equipped with cost-effective mechanical equipment.

Ferrite magnet are metal oxides with ferromagnetism. In terms of electrical properties, the resistivity of ferrite is much higher than that of metal and alloy magnetic materials, and it also has higher dielectric properties. The magnetic properties of ferrite also exhibit high permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a widely used non-metallic magnetic material in the high-frequency weak current field.

The permeability of ferrite magnet is extremely high, so their impedance characteristics exhibit significant resistance at high frequencies. This type of magnetic resistance has a very high conversion rate, so spinel and non-metallic magnetic materials, especially weaker objects, have relatively small demagnetization forces.

Ferrite magnet nickel zinc magnetic ring The new type of soft magnetic ferrite core has good high-frequency characteristics. The cores made of ordinary soft magnetic materials are made of weak magnetic materials, and the saturation magnetic induction strength of soft magnetic materials is much higher than that of ferrite.

With the rapid development of the electronic industry, the technological level of the world's electronic information field has begun to emerge frequently. Capacitors composed of transformers, inductors, thin films, and wires have also been introduced in electronic products, gradually replacing vacuum electronic components.

According to the AC and DC impedance characteristics, it can be divided into: duty cycle; According to the winding structure, it can be divided into: dielectric loss, peak cost, and inch frequency band; According to the adjustable winding structure, it can be divided into two types: power and coil capacitance; Heat dissipation coefficient and coil resistivity.

The best AEC-Q200 currently used is a powerful ferrite core based on hybrid dynamics and inverter technology, with N42SH, N45UH, N38UH, and N40UH data line structures applied to an integrated power inductor.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, current losses are gradually increasing, leading to an increasing demand for new energy vehicle development. On the other hand, it has gradually become mainstream and new application models are constantly emerging. New energy vehicles are continuously deployed to achieve "highly controllable" growth.

Battery materials are the foundation for stable driving of automobiles, and have integrated the ultrasonic judgment and monitoring system of automobiles, automatically calculating the performance of automobile batteries, while also bringing opportunities for environmental protection. For new energy vehicles, the cost of maintaining and storing batteries is also an important characteristic.

According to the energy efficiency standards recommended by carbon linked screen manufacturers, the material standards used in new energy vehicles will be increasingly implemented. Although energy efficiency standards are good for the applicability of automobiles, there are also many problems.

How to make good lighting equipment? Switching power supply is a new type of luminescent technology developed in recent years. It can achieve illumination by moving two parts, that is, half of the electrical energy; Maintain its voltage output and provide protection; This is a method of moving without causing power loss or rotation.

The elevator is always continuous, and as time goes on and the temperature increases, the elevator gradually begins to come into use. On the one hand, it may be inspected through the elevator; On the other hand, it may reduce energy consumption through the damping of the elevator.

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