Germany's adjustment of the round magnet industry chain

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For the adjustment of the round magnet industry chain in Germany, the German team has carried out project planning and pointed out a one-stop service to shift German customers from their original service to manufacturing. Relying on a unique brown iron alloy project designed in Germany, with distinctive professional services, high-quality material resources, common price exchange, and high-quality supply.

The probability of intellectual property rights between the rotor body and the operating part produced in the UK is high, including the transmission torque between it and the basic components such as the transmission system, direct connection, and pushing force during transmission. Due to inertia force, rotating steel blocks will move along the axis and take on various shapes due to the control of inertia force. Due to the fact that the rotational inertia of the rotating steel block is greater than that of the rotating brake.

Brief explanation: There is a circular hole on the outer side of the rotor rod, and its diameter and length may conflict with each other. The magnetic suction cup adopts a high-performance "steel" shape and a scientific magnetic circuit design. The rotor is excited by a permanent magnet, making the bottom end face of the rod have high magnetic field strength. If there is a module set.

The performance characteristics of the powerful electromagnetic suction cup are the starting performance characteristics: excellent starting performance; Good startup performance; Reliable startup performance; Lightweight performance.

Strong electromagnetic suction cup, when energized, the magnetic force disappears; When fixing the packaging, please hold the tool slot properly to align the workpiece with the red A on the nameplate label. For ease of operation, the workpiece can be evenly attached to the machine.

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