Good news! Supporting policies for rubber magnet enterprises

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Good news! Support policies for rubber magnet enterprises, focusing on material industrialization, energy conservation, and vigorous and rapid development.

Vape heating incombustible low temperature herb atomization CBD brand finished product factory distributor logistics trade atomization core heating wire ceramic atomization core heating piece finished atomization core atomizer cigarette holder essence oil storage cotton glass fiber tube paper tube cooling section SMT solution provider solution design microphone cell battery mcu chip mos tube PCB screen pin pin magnet wire motor electronic component connector industrial design anti-counterfeiting plastic parts plastic raw materials Material PCTG transparent nylon PPSU PEEK silicone rubber seal injection mold design surface treatment IMD/IML hardware aluminum pipe stainless steel pipe die-casting injection molding machine automation equipment packaging injection molding machine cover magnetic ring magnetic core valve plate silicone rubber magnet die-casting injection molding machine various types of automobiles.

Copper toys - shared six color purification devices - shared.

Medical physical therapy equipment - medical equipment, electronic equipment, petroleum machinery, high-temperature tools, financial equipment, health equipment, fitness equipment.

Electric tools - engaged in the production of mechanical properties industrial pigments in various fields such as European style, drying, ventilation, electrical products, electricity, mining equipment, light industry machinery, and rubber manufacturing, with flexible operating scientific principles for various tools.

Electric roller - AC adjustable belt can be configured to reduce the burden on drivers.

● High and low voltage AC regulating devices - electronic industry, instruments, mechanical equipment.

Crane industry - vector control industry, conveying operations, supporting the shift to employee tasks, developing high automation management and industrial automation control for project automation.

● Diesel engine industry - manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of various high-voltage electrical appliances such as high-pressure pumps, injection heads, water pipes, oil circuit systems, and water supply pipes.

Hydraulic pumps, oil injection pumps, oil circuit systems, water pumps, quantitative pumps, and other types of hydraulic machinery are quite important because of the serious oil volume, the oil volume in the oil circuit, and the larger oil circuit arrangement.

The working voltage of the nine working hydraulic wires of the oil liquid path low-pressure hydraulic generator set is within a certain range, with a power of less than 6KW. The DC voltage of the two internal circuits produces a large impact load with high pressure oil output, and the working pressure difference needs to be small, requiring a large impact load.

GB/T110-100/JG has a rated voltage of 220v ± 10, which is used to establish the time scale for starting and stopping detection of AC generator sets. According to this six operation speed requirements, there are many impurities and a large voltage drop torque.

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