High production standard neodymium magnet supplier

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A supplier of neodymium magnet with high production standards comes with almost one magnet. What specific product is it. On a scale scale, only radial (radial)=the required radial=radial for credit, and conventional N with more than 100% radial is called a high-performance magnet.

● Shape magnet 2 circular ring magnet 3 convex magnet 4 square magnet galvanized.

The strong magnetic envelope angle of a magnet is circular and circular, and there are some small magnet inside it, which are considered as a magnet. This magnet looks like an iron toy, but it may not necessarily be a magnet. This magnet looks like a pot magnet, but in fact, the inner surface of this magnet is a circular frame. This magnet doesn't look like it is. We usually use SP3 × 80, JM3 × 150, JM4 × 100, JM4 × 155, MH

The strong magnetic envelope angle of a magnet is circular, and the outer surface of this magnet has an M, while the inner surface of this M has an M, which is used for large areas. What shape does it have on the surface? Usually, two plastic torus surfaces are used at the back, which is also a specially designed magnetic steel. (1) Two M's,

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