High production standard round magnet factory

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High production standard round magnet factory, thin. Having a natural industry chain in Europe and America. First-class developers and excellent management personnel.

Widely used in computer, local area network, communication, consumer electronics, driving, green lighting, household appliances, automotive electronics, automation control and other fields.

Custom magnet, as the name suggests, are irregularly shaped magnet. Generally speaking, it is made of certain materials. According to customer requirements, various shapes are required. For example, the most common sizes include axial magnetization, radial magnetization, thickness magnetization, width magnetization, and so on.

A company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of sintering, thick plates, magnetic sheets, magnetic balls, and shaped magnet. After more than ten years of development, we have formed a professional manufacturer of new magnetic materials with advanced equipment such as sintering, injection molding, and lamination. In terms of sintered NdFeB magnet, the company already has many patents.

Bonded square magnet: NdFeB magnetic ring from Guangdong, also a type of magnet from Ningbo, mainly composed of square and cylindrical magnet. NdFeB magnet have a higher magnetic energy product (energy storage rate) and higher coercive force compared to ordinary magnet, allowing them to absorb more magnetic energy. In addition, the coercivity of NdFeB magnet also increases at higher temperatures, and their magnetic properties can be better generated at the edges over a wide temperature range.

Injection molding: Since, Yutong Magneto has been using injection molding technology. Guangdong has advantages in the manufacturing industry of building "hemispherical insulation board magnetic rings".

Ferrite magnet: The magnetic energy product is an important parameter that measures the amount of energy stored in a magnet. Ferrite magnet are metal oxides with ferromagnetism. In terms of electrical performance, the resistivity of ferrite is usually 16-68 Ω· cm, and its resistivity is generally 16-16 Ω· cm.

The meaning of 'mountain'. The magnetism born from this is electromagnetic energy, which is a crucial factor in promoting social development. People have played a significant role in developing Curie temperature.

Limonite siderite: Limonite is an important iron ore mineral composed of hematite, pseudohematite, and limonite. Limonite is an important type of iron ore with strong magnetism. The crushing, screening, and other types of ores of limonite are important equipment that undergo processes such as crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, and flotation. Their service life is generally 1800 years.

Introduction to the Operation of Electric Flat Cars in the Steel Metallurgy and Steel Industry Production Park of Boshe Company PKJK-EPCy Technology User Chuansheng Truck PKJK-EPCy Technology User Car Friend.

A uniquely designed and suitable vertical crane for manual operation can effectively prevent the impact of sharp ferromagnetic objects and improve work efficiency.

Improved new X steel 10 X H armor armor application.

The use of a "modular" design concept first alleviates the height difference in the working environment, but then suddenly accelerates the severity of the working temperature, resulting in a decrease in the weight and load of the main structure. In order to work for a long time, there are actually more than 30 job positions working outside every day, but there are some additional special requirements that have to be used for heavy and stacking, which cannot meet the needs of the workshop.

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