Highly concerned about the development of the rubber magnet industry

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Highly concerned about the development prospects of the rubber magnet industry, Honglong has long been efficient, and industry customers can check more.

The current market size and prospects analysis of spot magnet for environmentally friendly clamping mainly include the production of glass refrigerator magnetic strips and the market for rubber soft magnetic materials.

The company stated that the application of soft magnet is becoming more and more widespread, making them the preferred choice for enterprises. There will be a certain market space for future use. The shape and size of irregular magnet depend on future development. Currently, there are over 4000 customers providing magnet with customized sizes for irregular magnet and heights.

The shape of a shaped magnet is similar to that of an ordinary magnet, and its magnetism is similar to that of an ordinary magnet. Basically, how much does a magnet cost? Before distinguishing between Dao and Dao round magnet, many customers also use this magnet to rank their favorite magnet. They like magnet that can contain different magnet, and special-shaped magnet are also included in the product.

Bonding potential casting is accurate, and irregular magnet have much stronger magnetic force than some conventional magnet, making them the most practical function of today's commercial consumer products. In the 1970s, famous Danish farmers used this type of high-tech product, which not only strengthened the magnetic field, but also weakened their own magnetic force and self actualized it.

Square magnet, magnet model PP0524522 single sided magnet, used for round magnet. The round magnet is expected to attract the convex pole towards the surface. The square magnet for clamping the magnet has high machining accuracy, which can effectively ensure the final box installation and reduce production costs.

This type of magnet is relatively common and is mostly used in fields such as hardware, electronics, and healthcare.

Other types of magnet/magnet can be magnetized, especially bar magnet, which have magnet shapes and are attracted to the surface, making them suitable for various complex shaped applications.

Magnetic testing: The characteristic of magnetic testing is excellent magnetic performance, which can be used on any round magnet.

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