How to Save Yourself for N52 Magnet Enterprises Entering Hell Mode

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The pioneering magnet, rescue robots, and transportation robots for n52 magnet companies entering Hell mode are the future development trends.

The development of electromagnet technology mainly revolves around the development of electronic skills, constantly changing the demand for its technological achievements. While continuously optimizing its magnetism and structure, it has also gradually improved its overall magnetism and structure, making it outstanding in terms of electromagnet quality, performance, and other aspects.

The properties of a magnet itself can also affect its magnetism. Not only is it unknown, but our magnet can adsorb various metal objects, such as metal objects, and its magnetic field can penetrate ferromagnetic substances. Different magnet can adsorb substances with different magnetic properties.

A shaped magnet can generate a magnetic field, but it has some different advantages compared to some other shaped magnet, such as good magnetic force, stable quality, and good safety. In addition, it also has the advantages of weakening magnetism, reducing costs, and improving magnetic properties.

A shaped magnet can generate a magnetic field, but it is not a perfect choice. Some people even like to use magnet to attract other objects, but being too careful when touching magnet can cause them to change their names and enter phenomena such as drilling, drilling, and wire cutting; Some people prefer to use magnet to attract these objects, but it is not because they are so perfect in disguise that they are fully utilized and weakened.

A leading automotive magnet company with a production base in Zhuhai, providing competitive cooperation opportunities for domestic and foreign operators and automotive industry customers. We will aim to achieve sustained growth in magnet demand and build a trusted global partner.

Shielded magnetic field: Jusheng has been a design, production, and application solution company for several years, and provides diversified design solutions for some professional magnetic material manufacturers and top automotive customers.

Magnetic flux is a special type of liquid with excellent temperature coefficient, low to -30 ° C, located in the Great North Pole. Used for automatic cleaning and adsorption treatment of motors and electric furnaces, which becomes the most important component of magnetic flux.

High quality: Jusheng 12% Ni Cu Ni, 42% R-Ni, precision six hole magnetic beads.

Operating temperature. 20 ° C~+70 ° C, -30 ° C~+125 ° C, -16 ° C~80 ° C, -16 ° C, -20 ° C~80 ° C, -20 ° C~220 ° C, -220 ° C, -63 ° C, -140 ° C, -200 ° C, -220 ° C, -250 ° C, -300 ° C, -220 ° C, -300 ° C, -400 ° C, - tetraspecific gravity, -410, 860, 72, 235, 232, 2000-6000-8000, -15000-6000, -900, -4200, -26, - KT-US-DB, DU-DS, DU-DB

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