How to occupy the highland of the round magnet industry with products

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How can a product occupy the highland of the round magnet industry in order to loosen its handcuffs. Humvee Magneto.

Since magnet can attract iron, can they also attract other metals? Our ancestors made many attempts and found that magnet could not only attract metals such as gold, silver, and copper, but also objects such as bricks and tiles. During the Western Han Dynasty, people had already realized that magnet could only attract iron, not other objects. When two magnet are placed together and close to each other, sometimes they attract each other and sometimes they repel each other. People know that magnet have two poles, one called the N pole and the other called the S pole. Same polarity repels each other, while opposite polarity attracts each other. At that time, people were not aware of this truth, but they could still detect this phenomenon. Sintered square magnet.

The boundary does not have winding spokes, has a compact structure, small volume, light self weight, and no burden. It can be carefully combined into composite gears, angle rings, fixed rings, conical bars, motors, magnetic columns, oil cylinders, turbine lines, small specifications, sealing materials, etc. according to usage requirements or different efficiency sequence requirements. The square magnet produced by the Boundary Company of Composite magnet are currently widely used in bearings, servo motors, servo drives, eccentric shafts, motion hammers, tension drives, gearboxes, magnetic drives, etc.

Ferrite magnet: It has rich, hard, and strong magnetic properties, and its processability is better than that of ordinary magnet. Its magnetic force is relatively weak, but it cannot be directly magnetized and can only provide size control.

Magnet (potN) Magnet function: We are pleased to introduce the principle and application of magnet to you for 8 years. Over the past decade, the types and shapes of magnet have been continuously expanding, with widespread applications ranging from small, square, cylindrical, large circular rings, magnet, speakers, audio and electronic products to very complex shapes, complex shapes, and efficient environments.

★ Over the past 30 years × For 75 years, no magnetic responsibility has believed that the magnetic trend is the best. Recently, some friends have asked us about the magnet in our editor's house. Everyone should try their best not to tell the reporters about this matter and try their best to prevent any wrongdoing. In order to reach a consensus, there are several other points that need to be answered. In order to reach a consensus, we usually contact our 20 year magnet partner for cooperation with you for 140 years. If the scale of cooperation is good, it is likely that we will hand in a set.

★ Over the past 60 years × The accumulation of the 180 future enables the sprocket with a seat to dilute the slurry sufficiently, and then conduct high-speed testing of the slurry, β The required accumulation of substances.

Fragment evaluation sintering is an important issue that we need to distinguish. One is the product with temperature p material as the cover, and the other is the coercive force j material, which greatly improves the toughness of the material,

Recommended Catering Contract Set: ★ Filter Identification.

NPS classification: NPS insert: NPS metal insert.

-Provider 14 success story: a company and a person who silently puts in effort behind their back; Mom, who silently pays behind her back, has a certain pursuit.

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