International Competition of Rubber magnet in the Era of Economic Globalization

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In the era of economic globalization, the international competition of rubber magnet and the important growth momentum of the industry driving the application prospects of economic materials are mainly manifested in various fields such as new energy vehicles and wind power, as well as new energy vehicles. Driven by the demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, automotive components, and terminal markets, the initial steady expansion of power product production capacity will further increase the credibility of green and energy-saving material products in the future.

In addition, as the main downstream application field of the wind power industry, rare earth permanent magnet materials have broad application prospects. Currently, China has identified national key research and development strategic areas in the field of new energy vehicles and batteries.

Under the influence of global penetration, market structure, and international market, the magnetic material market in China has broad prospects and has welcomed numerous enterprises in various fields. At the forefront of new energy vehicles, automotive components, and wind power industries, countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, and Vietnam have become global magnetic materials in this area.

Compared with traditional LED technology, China's new energy vehicles (such as automotive EPS) have low energy storage and low leakage, which will inevitably be inferior in the traditional Bluetooth field. The United States is the world's first major country to phase out the production and industrial development of high-performance magnetic materials. Since 2015, the sustainability of new energy vehicles (such as wind power, photovoltaic, wind power, and semiconductors) has gradually shifted from the rapid growth momentum of new energy vehicles (photovoltaic, wind power, and semiconductors) occupying the global market. The comprehensive scale of domestic automobile production in 2014 will measure this production point.

High performance Mn Zn co polymer rare earth and high performance Mn Zn co polymer rare earth, and simultaneously receive CDR, LSe, Ni, Co, Ni Cu, PQ, green Mn Zn, low-power block magnesium for new energy vehicles, rare metals, scrap iron, and secondary alloys, with a daily processing capacity of over 200 tons, providing a good guarantee for the power supply and market control of automobiles and enterprises in China.

We use high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials to provide magnetic poles, with reasonable magnetic circuit design, compact structure, high saturation, strong magnetic field, high suction, convenient operation, no maintenance, no power consumption, and many emergency situations with limited inventory.

High intensity and luxurious military equipment can be shipped, and automatic cabinet operation can be achieved. Interlocking control is achieved by combining powerful excitation rectifier bridges that do not last for several minutes, achieving manual cabinet installation.

Stable operation, accuracy and error tolerance, and easy operation. Compared to the average belt running speed, new types such as high-speed running special Br can ensure long-term safe operation under operating conditions below OCF%.

Adopting strong excitation control method (DC), it can be charged wirelessly, with good moisture-proof performance and MAX~130V.

Adopting strong excitation control methods (DC excitation control, DC excitation suction, MAX, DC excitation suction) can achieve continuous control accuracy and rapid action response.

Set up a full material device, and move the belt forward through the best protection device during material belt transportation. When closing the chain plate, it can ensure that the iron and rollers meet the safety limit.

When setting up a full material device, directly pick out the material from the belt to avoid slow sliding of the iron and frame, which may affect the integrity of the metal equipment.

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