Linear Motor Magnet

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Linear motor is kind of driving technology that converts electric energy to linear movement directly without any transmission devices. Linear movement of most of traditional linear drive devices is achieved by rotary motor and relevant transmission devices, such as chains, belts and screws, therefore, the whole system has big size, low efficiency and accuracy.


Basic Structure of Linear Motor


Linear motor can be seen as structure evolvement of rotary motor that split rotary motor along radial direction, then flatten the circumference of the motor to the straight line. The part evolved from stator and rotor is known as primary and secondary respectively. Secondary will move in a straight line along the primary under the electromagnetic force.


What are the advantages of Linear Motor?

Simplified the whole system which without conversion device, thus ensured operational stability, enhanced transfer efficiency and also easy to maintain.

Linear motor can be not influenced by centrifugal force.

Without mechanical contact, and thus keep transmission part free of wear and dramatically reduce mechanical loss.

Low noise.

Can be operated under extreme conditions, such as humidity, corrosive gas and high temperature.

Excellent heat dissipation which no need for additional heat sink.


Typical Application of Linear Motor

 AC power source, DC power source and pulse power source are all can be utilized by the linear motor. The most representative application of the linear motor is the maglev train which up to 500 kilometers per hour, and conveyor line and mechanical equipment is its largest consumer market. Linear motor is also widely used in the camera shutter and electric curtain.


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