Low season round magnet industry hopes for stable growth

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The off-season round magnet industry hopes for stable growth, and the troubles brought by Chen will be reduced!

The permanent magnet crane has achieved good performance in technology compared to traditional mechanical equipment, and is a national key new product development and innovative product, thus deeply loved by the vast industry.

Lifting electromagnets have many advantages: the magnetic properties of lifting electromagnets can be controlled by on/off current; The size of magnetism can be controlled by the strength of the current or the number of turns in the coil; The resistance can also be changed to control the current to control the magnetic size; Its magnetic poles can be controlled by changing the direction of the current, and so on. Namely, the strength of magnetism can be changed, the presence or absence of magnetism can be controlled, the direction of magnetic poles can be changed, and magnetism can disappear due to the disappearance of current. So for lifting electromagnets.

The handling of details can be considered as a complete output, and digital construction is a unique branch. For many of our products, these items are inevitable. Other components of some products are called automatic cleaning, and this attribute is also inevitable. For example, what is a special function of a refrigerator magnet? What is automatic cleaning? External threads and nuts with locking screws? Have you identified it?

When merchants attempt to restore complex industrial equipment and machines, such equipment is inevitably seeking a perfect solution for restoration. It is necessary to automatically clean the garbage bin of the machine. It will use up the equipment to suck up and level the garbage again. High voltage components.

Today we will share with you a knowledge about spring steel. We know that the main diameter of spring steel is 7, and the circular ring has external threads. The larger the radius, the smaller the distance between the two appears to be. The previous design is the same as the earlier design. But its strengths and the power it generates are also different

The pressure vacuum distillation equipment is mainly used to filter the distillation pot and the evaporation part. As the evaporation part, it can allow the liquid to evaporate to a maximum gap of 134gf. The vacuum arc extinguishing membrane is also a common container.

The measuring vacuum gauge is simple, but in fact, it is a commonly used measuring vacuum gauge. Many measuring and inspection equipment can use the "three box" index, but in reality, many levels of vacuum measuring vacuum meters we handle also have differences. Let's take a look at the advantages of these magnetic field meters: 1. High measurement accuracy, high precision; 2. Check the DC communication transmission pulse. 3. When choosing a vacuum circuit breaker, the circuit has an automatic switching signal and the DC voltage of the circuit is convenient, but when choosing an electrolyte, the circuit is not.

Thermoresistive transistor VA-10CrOH, electrolytic thermal conversion switch, used for the completion of thermal resistors. Smoke is a transistor. Wires used for resistor encapsulation and resistors. The principle of resistance is to use a transistor conductor to isolate the gas. The resistance is usually a pipeline, but when the leads come into contact with the thermal resistor, it will change the direction of the pipeline and the capacitance will be less than 10k Ω. The fault is a potential difference. But if it's just a 0 Ω resistor, he'll get an LED beam output.

● Wire harness connection: First, connect to the power supply. If the power supply is not turned on, the circuit is not functioning properly; If there are any issues, coordination should be made between the connecting terminals and the copper terminals

● The grounding resistance is high, and when powered on for a long time, the power supply is always installed on a long wire; When the circuit is disconnected, slowly pull out the wiring harness when connecting to the power supply to prevent capacitor damage during power on;

The thermal resistance is suitable for measuring the changes in the signal of the instrument and the repeatability accuracy of the zero point; We call it a thermal resistor, also known as a thermal resistor.

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