Magnetic Exercise Bike Magnet

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Healthy lifestyles are gaining ground, and more and more people joined the sport and fitness team. As an important representative of sport equipment, the all-around training effect of exercise bike is much better than other sport, and also avoids all demerits of outdoor sport. It is remarkable that exercisers can enjoy entertainment which avoids boredom during riding. Exercise bike can be classified into traditional spinning and magnetic exercise bike according to the resistance adjustment mode, and magnetic exercise bike has been becoming the main force of entry-level home fitness equipment then magnetic exercise bike magnets caught our attention.

Advantages of Magnetic Exercise Bike

More uniform resistance. Resistance adjustment in traditional spinning and magnetic exercise bike is depend on physical contact and magnetic force respectively. By comparison with traditional spinning, magnetic exercise bike has much bigger load distribution and thus providesmore uniform resistance.
Durable and no wear. For traditional spinning, resistance block will produce wear due to friction between block and flywheel, and even need to be regularly replaced.
Free of scrap and dust. Resistance adjustment component is a high usefeature in exercise bike and resistance block will produce substantial amounts of scrap and dust during the friction process.
Less noise compared with traditional spinning.
Possess specific gears. The resistance adjustment of traditional spinning is a kind of step-less regulation which cannot provide quantifiable index, thus not good for the scientific movement.

About Magnetic Exercise Bike Magnet

The resistance of magnetic exercise bike can be adjusted by monitoring the distance between cast iron flywheel and magnetic exercise bike magnets and thus achieve different degrees of power and subsequent exercise intensity. We helped customers to simulate the attractive force of magnetic exercise bike magnets under the certain distance and then manufactured relevant magnetic assemblies smoothly.

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