Make creating high-quality round magnet products the first priority

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Make creating high-quality round magnet products the top priority. Fifth, invention patents, road construction bosses, vehicle bosses, and vehicle road bosses.

The inventor of Jinkun magnet is nothing more than a "third generation product" that is separated from Auster current. Created five qualified ordinary magnet for low-temperature aerospace and aerospace salvage, achieving the best performance in these fields.

The inventor of the Jin Kun magnet is a "skill" obtained from the national invention patent and the automotive manufacturing supervision organization. The role of an invention patent is known as a 'symbol of skill'.

In order to better utilize magnet, inventors may even choose other products to improve their performance.

The inventor of Jinkun magnet is a "skill" that has obtained national invention patents and safety in automobile manufacturing. Of course, when choosing the Jin Kun magnet accurately, innovative products with new styles are needed.

Patent strategy: The invention of new products has promoted the "skill revolution".

Subdivision areas: inventors of Jinkun magnet and electronic companies.

Patent technology invention: The combination of Jinkun magnet inventor and electronic company not only provides "comprehensive technical guarantee of skills", but also enables "outstanding achievements in electronics" through secondary technological innovation.

Comparison field: The combination of the inventor of Jinkun Magnet and an electronic company is a "great achievement" in obtaining patented technology inventions and automotive manufacturing safety.

Technological innovation: As a breakthrough and innovation in skills, the inventors of Jinkun Magnet have started researching in the industry and inventing many new materials and solutions to continuously enhance the industry's innovation capabilities.

Means of Progress: The inventor of Jinkun Magnet, combined with an electronics company, is the most focused enterprise in achieving a bridge for information communication, digitization, multifunctional device design, digital communication, and network transmission.

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