N52 magnet product has become the hottest choice

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The n52 magnet product has become the hottest choice for rare earth magnet sources.

Due to market demands and difficulties in mineral mining, coupled with technological development, it is the only major rare earth enterprise in China that has a rapidly developing production base for rare earth magnet.

In successfully promoting the "Yuexiang High tech Enterprise" in the fields of rare earth production, metallurgy, ceramics, selenium red, zirconium titanate, etc., there are nearly 50 varieties with a recovery rate of over 50%, which has gained recognition and trust from customers.

After screening at the selection factory, Xinlei magnet are manufactured to support customized needs.

Alien Magnet Factory is a professional research and development and production enterprise for magnet. The company has a wide variety of products, including square magnet, round magnet, perforated magnet, countersunk magnet, irregular magnet, T magnet, magnetic blocks, magnetic strips, magnetic rings, toy magnet, magnet, magnet, magnet, etc.

Alien Magnet Factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production and sales of rare earth permanent magnet, barium iron, silicon iron, aluminum, copper, iron and other magnetic metal materials. The company has more than ten years of production experience, first-class production equipment and testing instruments, mainly producing and testing instruments, and related products of the same type in China.

The Alien Magnet Factory has long served the fields of ceramics, sintering, automotive, aerospace, electronics, capacitors, medical, 7, electroacoustics, etc., with thoughtful services and reliable technology, providing high-yield supporting services for lifting electromagnet manufacturers.

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The sensor magnetic ring, CU, and C1 companies adhere to innovation, creating first-class precision mold solutions, focusing on researching and developing new products, serving magnetic experts in the industry, and N35-N52.

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The size of a common mode inductor, based on the size of the inductor and the appropriate size of the inductor capacity, is nominal by the inductor body at a wide frequency (usually kHz).

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