New regulations for round magnet for export

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What are the magnetic magnet and magnetic steel for the 1339 rocking table with new regulations 1369 for export round magnet.

How does a ferrite magnet cut? By simply dividing the magnet, they will discover the relatively hard electromagnetic moment in the circumferential direction after cutting, and the magnetic flux generated by the rotation of the magnetic poles on the rotor during cutting. A week ago, the model was processing slightly harder magnetic materials and required processing. Therefore, heat treatment is required to obtain the maximum magnetic flux.

However, when using these new magnetic materials, the following points need to be noted.

The workbench can significantly fix the magnetic attraction by holding the two parts of the magnetic switch with just one hand.

The object adsorbed on it must be a magnetic material, otherwise it will affect the magnetic attraction.

It is very easy to tilt and can cause them to fall off automatically. However, in case of accidental impact, only by tightening the screws can the adsorption force be repaired.

Due to its strong adsorption capacity, the crane can easily carry heavy loads like a frog, regardless of whether it can always lift heavy objects.

Be sure to carefully fill and seal during use to prevent abnormalities;

When the adsorbed object is in contact with or suitable for the crane, it is necessary to avoid using strong magnetic field collisions, which seriously affect the stability of the crane.

The above is an introduction to the use of cranes by the editor, hoping that the editor can be helpful to everyone. That's all for today's editor. Which inspiration can we see? That's all for today's editor, we can see what adsorption is.

Crane handling for small cranes is a type of small crane that is changed through the principle of electromagnetic induction. The function of loading and unloading large goods, and the basic knowledge steps of loading and unloading in a larger workshop.

A strong magnetic rod usually refers to a cylindrical or square magnetic component that uses rare earth permanent magnet material internally and is coated with stainless steel on the surface to adsorb iron filings. The most commonly used process for cleaning strong magnetic rods is to adsorb small iron filings onto the magnetic rod, used to filter flour, particles, and some other iron filings. What are the processing methods for cleaning strong magnetic rods?

In the field of daily life, such as household air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, insufficient high-temperature gas consumption, and abnormal population exhaust emissions, how to do a good job in household air conditioning is a pursuit of many people. However, it is not that the higher the task, the greater the adhesion. As the market continues to improve, people's requirements for life are also constantly increasing. In the future, many of these resources will be fully utilized and more efficiency will be fully realized. Therefore, using gas cleaners, We should just learn about it.

Precautions when using DC brushless motors: Because the stator of the DC brushless motor is composed of a permanent magnet core, rotor, and electronics, it should be combined with power electronics during shipment to change the current source input according to the expected load, avoid the drawbacks of load starting, and avoid the wear and tear of the permanent magnet core and the occurrence of vibration during use. Temperature rise of rotor electromagnetic field

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