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Nickel Plated Permanent NdFeB Ring Magnet

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Nickel Plated Permanent NdFeB Ring Magnet

Neodymium Magnets, also known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnets, are the most widely-used type of rare earth magnets. Neodymium Magnets are made from an alloy containing, amongst others, the elements Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB). It is the strongest type of magnet and manufactured in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades and different coatings/finishes.
1.Grade cover N35-N52, N30M-N50M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH, N28UH-N40UH, N28EH-N38EH.
2.Size and Shape:D3--D280mm(round)Cylindrical, Ring, Square, Holed Square, Watt, Arch, or Customized.
3.Coating: Nickel, Nickel copper nickel, Zinc, Golden, Black epoxy, Grey epoxy, Phosphating and so on.
4.Direction of magnetisation:Through the thickness or through the diameter.
a. Magnetization thickness B. Axial magnetization C. Symmetric magnetization D. Multipole magnetization E. Radial magnetization. Special requirements for custom magnetization
5.Application of NdFeB magnet: Toys, Package, Printer, Switchboard, Phone, Vcoil motors (VCM's) in hard disk drives, High performance(maglev, linear and rotary) motors, Bearings, Eddy-current brakes, Brushless DC motors, Magnetic separation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Sensors, Loudspeakers, Jewelry industry and etc.
1) Excellent temperature stability
2) Small size and light weight
3)Strong magnetism
4)Relatively high energies characterize
5) High performance-to-price ratio,widely used

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