Obtain more accurate neodymium magnet user data

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How to test and develop Nis002 to obtain more accurate neodymium magnet user data.

Testing magnet are mainly used in clothing (PVC, PS, HMI, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant), household appliances (refrigerators, laptops, video recorders, magnet, handicrafts), supermarkets (magnet, panels, portable doors, toys, handicrafts), leisure and entertainment, medical equipment, aerospace, aerospace, automotive, military and national defense, and other fields.

Dongguan Agilent Magnetic Industry is a well-known brand, manufacturer, and sales manufacturer that operates, supplies, and returns to China for a one-time use of 2 months.

The consistency of product supply in a single batch and the continuous stability between batches, customized products for you, comprehensive system data management, standard system testing, pass rate, and compliance with requirements.

Confirm the latest product identity, timely trial produce prices, and submit annual target reports and applications, all of which are directly announced and participated according to user customization.

The company was established in 1996, covering an area of 7000m2, with a self built factory of 20. The relatively complete product structure design, service system, and technical service system provide customers with a large and affordable guarantee.

The company has the research and development, production, sales, and service of raw materials for lifting electromagnets. Adopting melting, 70 # steel, 50 # carbon, 50 # low-carbon steel, various steel caliber standards, used for manufacturing ultra long electromagnets and lifting electromagnets.

The company always adheres to technology as the guide, striving for excellence as the goal, and continuously improving product performance and quality as the goal, continuously increasing product added value.

In recent years, electromagnetic lifting technology has become a new core link in the development of electromagnets. Led by EPS magnetic agglomeration and centered on research and development technology, through continuous research, development, and innovation, the comprehensive performance of screw bonding provides strong technical support for users' product applications. The application of electromagnetic lifting technology takes into account the special requirements of users and achieves the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction

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