Outlet n52 magnet added obstruction

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Exit n52 magnet adds obstruction to lighting.

What principles should be followed when selecting a coil with an integrated inductor? For an inductor or a small fixed inductor coil, when the inductance is the same and the nominal current is the same, it can be used as a substitute for consumption. The working frequency of the inductance coil should be suitable for the requirements of the circuit. When used in low-frequency circuit coils, ferrite or silicon steel sheets should be selected as the magnetic core material, and their coils can withstand large currents (several or tens of Heng). Inductive coils used in audio circuits should use silicon steel sheets or glass film alloys as magnetic core materials.

Inductive coils are made up of wires wound one by one on insulated tubes, which are insulated from each other. The insulated tubes can be hollow or contain iron or magnetic powder cores, and have a certain degree of flexibility. The working frequency of an inductance coil is generally affected by temperature, at least what we know is that at high temperatures, a continuous small amount of current (including 80-100 ° C) can be maintained and can maintain stability for a long time. In high-temperature environments, the resistance should be able to change due to changes in voltage, otherwise it is a qualitative resistance value. If the AC voltage of a circuit may be disconnected in an environment, even if there is an AC disconnection, long-term AC current will still pass through. This is the reason to rule out. If you study the shielding difference and the external current of the wire, when the current returns to its maximum, the internal resistance will be more high-frequency and easier to come into close contact with the air.

Ferrite cores are not only widely used, but also a new type of consumer electronics product. Generally speaking, ferrite magnetic cores are mainly composed of three metal elements: iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), and zinc (Zn). Therefore, the frequency of use of ferrite magnetic cores can be divided into 4:5 times.

YYZO is mainly used for accurate detection of a micro magnetic sensitive material in the medical field. Hall sensors can be used as instruments for detecting soft magnetic materials in the human body and are widely used in the following fields.

High detection efficiency: The instrument can gradually shift its resistance to something that can be stored at low frequencies and over a long period of time for every resistor it sends.

High precision: The instrument is a hole with elliptical rules to be measured, which can extend under the same magnetic pole area to provide greater magnetic force.

Easy to operate: A key aspect of the instrument is magnetization loss, which should be as large as possible compared to ordinary magnetization losses.

-Can be used in conjunction with other instruments: Regularly clean internal parts to prevent dust, iron filings, etc. from entering the instrument, which is beneficial for the safety of the power supply.

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