Please pay attention to the recent export of rubber magnet to these countries! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

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Please pay attention to the recent export of rubber magnet to these countries! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods. There are basically concerns that supply is in short supply, such as a serious shortage of new types of rubber magnet, a sharp increase in rubber magnet prices until the end of 2025, and continued fluctuations in rubber magnet prices. The background should focus on the price of rubber magnet. Although the price of rubber magnet is high, the market value of the rubber magnet industry is very low. And this rubber magnet is brand leading, mainly due to the brand's poor quality issues, which led to an increase in the price of plastic magnet, leading to an increase in the price of rubber magnet. In addition, when considering the quality of rubber magnet, relevant thinkers pay more attention to the product owner before pricing.

Although rubber magnet are a substitute for packaging and decorative surfaces, their application is no longer in the traditional transparent state. Whether it is for clothing or other products, rubber magnet have suitable application environments. It can come with its own appearance like a small decoration, serve as a decorative surface, and attract people's attention. With the development of the economy and society, the application of rubber magnet has also undergone significant changes, and the demand is increasing. Friends are very happy to choose rubber magnet and receive very high returns. Because rubber magnet have high performance, high corrosion resistance, and high.

The magnetic filter frame is made of stainless steel tubes and high B-value rare earth alloys using special manufacturing methods. And combine them on a fixed frame to form a magnetic filter frame. When iron containing substances pass through, they are attracted by a magnetic rod, firmly adsorbing the iron containing substances on the pipe wall to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the safety of the product.

The working environment of a magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion and high temperature resistance characteristics, and in some cases, strong magnetic induction strength is required. Different magnetic induction intensities can be obtained by using different thicknesses of magnetic guides. Choosing different magnet can determine the maximum magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance of the magnetic rod. Generally, to achieve a surface magnetic induction strength of 12000 Gauss or above on a conventional 1-inch diameter magnetic rod, N40 or higher models of Shanco magnetic steel are required. High temperature resistant magnetic rods are generally made of cobalt magnetic steel when the temperature exceeds 150 degrees Celsius. But large diameter magnetic rods are not chosen.

The surface of a strong magnetic rod should be smooth and shiny, because like a magnet, it is a rare earth magnet made of stainless steel with a strong magnetic rod (N soft and hard stirring), so its magnetic force is very strong. When other specifications of magnetic rods are much larger than ferrite, their magnetic force is very strong. Although there are only Φ The 300mm magnetic rod did not have an attractive effect, but it has a wide range of applications, and it is estimated that some attention should be paid.

The powerful magnetic rod adopts a fully sealed structure, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust, and harmful gases from corroding the coil. It has strong adaptability to climate and environment, and has a reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and is safe and reliable.

Square Strong Magnet Huajiu Magnet is a professional manufacturer and developer of various high-strength, precision, and special-shaped strong magnet. We have been focusing on square magnet for over 300 years.

How to make a magnetic ring? Ferrite manufacturers have always been reluctant to circle, but in fact, to make a magnetic ball, it must be checked layer by layer to achieve good results, and it must be checked layer by layer. Therefore, the magnetic ring produced by Beijing Magnetic Ring is actually made of magnetic plastic, which can only be achieved through manual simulation;

How to make ferrite magnetic rings? What is the principle of ferrite magnetic rings? Ferrite materials are a certain adhesive between iron and its absorption. For example, if the temperature exceeds a certain range, the ferrite will become very brittle and not easily fracture, which makes them have high overload resistance. They are generally used for general industrial products, such as using blades and other small ferrites that can be transported.

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