Six Details of Developing Overseas Rubber Magnet Customers

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Introduction to the six details of developing overseas rubber magnet customers and Beijing Huasi.

Technicians are well-known enterprises from many well-known enterprises in Taiwan, and there are many "technical experts" within the company who aim to provide high-quality one-stop services, none of which is indispensable. Since its establishment in 1988, Huasi has increased its component production capacity from 10000 tons to 100000 tons, and its annual output value has doubled from one million tons to tens or even hundreds of tons—— Huasi specializes in magnetic materials and magnetic materials.

How to define the performance of Dongguan round magnet? Generally, manufacturers will say there are high-performance materials and low-performance materials, so how to distinguish them? What is the difference between them?

Customization of spherical magnet is involved in every field, such as automation equipment, automatic control equipment, high-precision, etc. This is the fishing magnet you really need.

Dongguan delivery use case: 1. Conduct factory testing to ensure that the product does not exhibit any negative performance, such as lack of certain importance of ingredients. After testing, it has been proven that the company has a corresponding production line, and the control surface of the testing host is still relatively precise, except for strong magnet, scrap iron, and nickel cobalt.

Heteromorphic magnet refer to irregularly shaped magnet that primarily serve specific needs. Cylindrical magnet, fan-shaped magnet, mold magnet, etc. L-shaped magnet.

Perforated magnet can be used at home or with magnetic bracelets. Below, I will introduce that the punching magnet has a type of magnetic bracelet, and its magnetism will not disappear, such as nails, silver shavings, iron shavings, etc. inside.

Dongguan Delivery Use Case: 1. Dongguan Delivery Fee 2000 Methods Do you need to handle magnet business? We need to formally sample the high-quality magnet that need to be handed over to us,

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