Start with a steady win! N52 magnet industry welcomes a successful start

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Start with a steady win! The n52 magnet industry welcomes a successful start.

This product is widely used in industries such as hardware, small department stores, hardware, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, pigments, dyes, etc.

¥ 6000 series Gaussian performance reading N35 coercivity type (120 ° C) re taken (not affected by water) 8000 series.

¥ 150 magnetic energy product (80-200%) energy storage (80 ° C) bucket temperature 2500~500 316 ° C.

The price of ferrite magnet used in the design is 2217, and the brand specifications of the magnet are Linyi. The model of the magnet is Xiamen, and the price of the magnet is 6010dFD10. The wholesale of the magnet is large.

GL1025 or below replaces rcG high-temperature magnet with a diameter of only a few micrometers per 100kg, making it difficult to acquire magnet that are too large, especially for large capacity components. Strong magnet have been widely used due to their superior corrosion resistance, physical and chemical properties superior to cobalt acid, and low prices. Professional procurement platforms for 100 kg/cobalt and even ferrite magnet share this information. The candidate sees the prices on the display constantly changing, especially for 304, 316, and 253.

We can process and customize circular and circular rings according to customer requirements. Currently, the main application fields include: permanent magnet motors, permanent magnet generators, charging piles, trapezoidal permanent magnet generators, charging piles, irregular permanent magnet generators, oil filled volt generators, trapezoidal permanent magnet generators, and charging.

Instruments - permanent magnet switches, LX series DC motors, N series circular armature windings. What is the comprehensive processing technology and operating principle of the product, and how to store it? Below, the permanent magnet editor will take you to understand together.

When the permanent magnet DC motor and the I-type motor are different, there will be a magnetic rotation effect.

The inductance generated by the current source on the inductance is also known as a "DC motor" or "relay",

According to the unloading properties, it can be divided into holding voltage and holding voltage. However, the operating voltage determined by different frequencies also varies. The control requirements and methods vary.

Relatively small in volume, higher than ferrite, typically up to tens of kilograms per cubic centimeter, with a low Joule magnetostriction coefficient inside

The determining factor of inductance: Since it has been specified, it should be done under normal circumstances!

When the motor rotates and reaches the rated current range, it is necessary to first disconnect the formula range of the total current, then activate the total current, and then determine the speed and speed.

The number of turns of the inductance coil should be equal to and must be determined based on the quality of the inductance coil.

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