Sustainable development activities lead the consumption of n52 magnet products

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Sustainable development activities lead the consumer group of n52 magnet products.

Through electronic computer reliability design, reasonable configuration, light weight, high adsorption capacity, and low energy consumption.

The excitation coil has undergone a unique treatment process, which improves the electrical equipment and physical performance of the electromagnetic coil. The insulation layer material has a high temperature resistance level, and the surface of the shell is free of bubbles and formed as a whole, achieving low power consumption.

The rated power on duration of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from 50% in the past to 75%, improving the efficiency of electromagnet use.

The ultra-high temperature electromagnet adopts a unique insulation method, which increases the temperature of the absorbed object from the past 600 degrees to 700 degrees, expanding the applicability of the electromagnet.

The MW22, MW42, MW82, and MW92 series of electromagnets are designed specifically for suction lifting of rolled steel billets, profiles, and billets.

The MW84 and MW04 series of electromagnets are designed specifically for the production processes of suction and suspension billets, steel pipes, and other products that have undergone rolling and full difficulty.

The MW84 and MW04 series of electromagnets are used for lifting electromagnets, and their magnetic properties are compared to those of capacitive round steel, steel, or platform steel.

The MW84 series uses a fixed voltage of at least approximately 1500 degrees.

The special structure of electromagnets gives them outstanding voltage and strong suction. Suitable for high-power and low-voltage workpieces, it is an economical type.

The MW84 series can generate strong magnetic fields up to 100O and up to 11000V.

The flexible support control system of the armature adopts four windings for users to choose from. The surface of the control cabinet forms a "groove" to facilitate the placement, installation, and unloading of materials.

This series is specifically designed for lifting circular discs. Due to its light weight and reasonable structure (XS), which uses high-performance high resistance coatings, it has a "molten steel" like corrosiveness and no damage to the material surface.

We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE product safety certification, Class I and II explosion-proof product certification, and have achieved multiple technological achievements.

We have various modern processing and manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, including high-precision CNC numerical control machine group, fully automatic winding machine, robot copper welding machine, PLC controlled automatic BMC plastic packaging machine, intelligent testing system for static and dynamic characteristics of electromagnets, magnetic core tube oil pressure resistance test bench, magnetic core tube pulse fatigue test bench, etc.

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