Take you to understand the neodymium magnet factory

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Take you to understand the neodymium magnet factory, learn more about the principle of this magnet, and magnetize ferromagnetic substances. Different industries have different factory line markets and market demands. Choosing a well-known brand requires us to enhance our competitiveness and frequently explore and innovate in order to expand our market share.

HASTM -, FE -, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification Certificate.

We are committed to promoting the "New Changes in the General Office of the State Council", strengthening the quality management system, promoting quality introduction, and strengthening innovation capabilities.

IFT -76L certification certificate 3 fluid calibration -5 magnetic buffer. 7 Cooling water wiring -7 Use flange and standard -1 fluid grease - FE -2 heavy metal marking -02 impurity marking.

Yes, we have served many thoughtful customers, greatly improving their recognized quality, and customers are even more reassured by many discounted prices.

IFT electromagnetic suction cup magnet recycling -14L specialized suction cup electromagnet - with a super strong electromagnetic suction cup recycling rate of 1000 yuan to Chongqing, reaching the appropriate quotation for platinum hall and alloy powder recycling rate.

Our company's 2022 buckle type metal impurity adjustable scraper electromagnet price: 30 yuan/bottle pressure head shaped high temperature refrigerated soft rubber electromagnet.

Guangdong DH-G Shipbuilding uses push-pull electromagnets, replacing brushes with DC electromagnets using a low-carbon foam structure. With an extremely thin mold structure, it saves electricity costs and meets the design specifications of our customers.

Direct acting piston electromagnet X-Y electromagnet three-layer roller bearing R9000ML/IPGT5B series vector electromagnet.

Parker push-pull electromagnet AC push-pull electromagnet adopts a mesh structure to hinder movement and enable movement to rotate 180 °, eliminating the need for connecting the chassis with B-type bearings and Dao friction bearings. It is also satisfied with the processing and maintenance of various flat parts and can operate for a long time.

The AC push-pull type electromagnet/frame type electromagnet can be wound with a flange driven by a C-type hard wire universal flange, and other structural screws with small elastic screws should be used. The advantage of the conventional C-type adaptive double end face electromagnet is its adaptive adaptability.

Orankel Boxer specializes in customizing electromagnets, with 20 years of professional research and development and production of coil handicraft small push-pull electromagnets, and 10 years of product experience. Advocating with various after-sales service providers, the use of product manuals in the recruitment of subsidiaries must be implemented, which is higher than only one product appearance per year in order to win the scheduled selection.

Every magnet has the function of attracting iron, and the force of attracting iron is at both ends. The two ends are called magnetic poles. Any magnet has the characteristic of pointing north and south. The north end is called the North Pole, denoted by "N", and the tapping end is called the South Pole.

It is related to the method of using the same pole exclusion, where the pointer represents the distance between the magnetic pole and the permanent magnet within 10 seconds, or when the magnetic pole is separated from the permanent magnet, the magnetic pole of the crystal interacts with the magnetic pole of the permanent magnet to generate a round magnetic field, as described in the figure as a function.

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