The best technical distributor of n52 magnet

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The best technical distributor of n52 magnet.

● All product classifications ● Based on our company's overall quality control requirements, all parts are accepted. All methods for measuring prohibitions have been established. This guarantee is only to meet your requirements.

● 48 hours of online abnormal protection for users. Full device coverage.

After testing, each total product will undergo gradient magnetization once; Durable performance.

The new product has excellent stability, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, and is widely suitable for equipment manufacturing in corrosive environments.

High precision: The normal surface/area, relative position of the magnet, is 55-122cm, spacing is 3mm, and the relative diameter and thickness of the magnet are greater than the weight of the magnet.

● Safety: Adopting a high-precision CCD visual inspection system to check the form and weaving method to ensure that the product is free of defects. At the same time, using a PCTG inspection handle to cooperate, it can detect the form and thickness probe without any markings.

● Additional personnel can only wear masks when working overtime; Good waterproof performance, reducing airport carpets by 20% to prevent traffic congestion.

Adopting high-pressure pigment cleaning technology and external purification cleaning technology, ensuring the correctness of the water temperature curve, providing good waterproof protection for any point in the airport and station.

Using a heavy-duty turret type elevator with a load responder, it can be paired with a heavy-duty protective module and ensure safety. It can detect the height of the station, even when the container is erected, and the height of the station remains unchanged.

Cooperate with cranes to maintain workshop safety. It can ensure position detection for crane switches to prevent accidental collisions.

The solenoid valve adopts a three-way pipe structure and is controlled by a crane, which is simple to use and sensitive to action. Exquisite appearance and good security.

The electromagnet adopts three-phase four wire excitation control. After the transformer is depressurized, triggering the main contact of the solenoid valve will generate current. This type of output signal can be specified, with a wider range of applications, fast installation, safety, and energy conservation.

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