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The most technologically advanced round magnet manufacturer, LiLi Crane Electromagnet, was established in 2015, with a production capacity of up to 650t/h.

The insulated magnet and magnet are made of 304 stainless steel tube, which can withstand heat at room temperature up to 600 ° C, ensuring product safety;

A dedicated magnet for injection molding machines, equipped with rubber hoses and filled with dry powder during operation, can be formed in one go without the need for secondary processing, resulting in lower costs. Application scope of injection molding machine: magnetic materials such as needles, wires, inductors, hardware teeth, nickel zinc, etc. Application field: Select nickel cobalt, with minimal adhesive loss. Usage: Widely used in various fields such as advertising, pasting, printing, audio, antennas, handicrafts, etc.

● The medium material magnet adopts high-quality industrial pure iron, natural sand blasting material and wear-resistant lining plate, with strong anti-aging performance. Made of high-performance magnetic materials, with high cycling treatment and coating

Bonding mold material: The main process of bonding mold material is to process and age the blank and mold shell.

Ribbon products are suitable for the research and development and sales of various pipeline connectors and equipment, and are widely used in fields such as home appliances, automobiles, aerospace, medical, new energy vehicles, industrial robots, consumer electronics, automotive sensors, etc.

It can meet the needs of different workpieces, and is suitable for sizes and precision requirements that are not strict, as well as strict requirements for appearance and installation dimensions.

The YYGP flat plate high gradient magnetic separator adopts a rare earth strong magnetic structure, with torque limitation between the slot body and the driving wheel mechanism, resulting in high work efficiency.

The XCQ-K300 drum magnetic separator adopts a non reverse electric rotating structure, and magnetic substances are attached to the surface of the metal device of the drum elevator.

The GTC flat plate high gradient magnetic separator uses permanent magnet material as the axial direction and operates at a daily to synchronous speed, ensuring the initial torque of the prime mover rotor and significantly improving its surface magnetic field strength.

The GTC flat plate high gradient magnetic separator adopts a well-known brand and highly cost-effective ferrite material manufacturer, and introduced the above product models to you at the meeting, indicating that this series of flat plate high gradient magnetic separators is a better comprehensive permanent magnet magnetic separator in China

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