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The cheapest neodymium magnet manufacturer assembles and produces a 15 ton aluminum cast into finished products. Sintered magnet are the main raw materials for synthesizing magnet, and binders can occur at high temperatures. The purpose of sintering is to reduce resource waste. The chemical composition of mechanical processed plastic magnet (CAGR) is qualified.

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The magnetic rod is composed of an internal magnetic core and an external cladding, which in turn includes a cylindrical magnetic iron block and a magnetic conductive iron sheet. A good magnetic rod should achieve uniform spatial distribution of magnetic induction lines, with a smooth surface and low resistance, free from harmful substances to the environment, and avoid polluting materials and the environment.

The working environment of a magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion and high temperature resistance characteristics, and in some cases, strong magnetic induction strength is required. Different magnetic induction intensities can be obtained by using magnetic plates with different thicknesses. Choosing different magnet can determine the magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance of the magnetic rod. Generally, to achieve a surface magnetic induction strength of 12000 Gauss or above on a conventional 1-inch diameter magnetic rod, a square magnetic rod with a model of N40 or above is required. High temperature resistant magnetic rods begin to lose strength when the temperature exceeds 150 degrees Celsius, so specialized tested square magnetic rods are generally required

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