The cheapest rubber magnet wholesaler

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Wholesaler of the cheapest rubber magnet.

Price quotation: 400 yuan/piece; 9. Customizable size, price per letter and material according to standards

Because rubber magnet are relatively cheap, many manufacturers often think of so many magnet when quoting. Some people even use them directly to purchase, while others even use them directly to purchase.

When installing a refrigerator on a temperature resistant surface, you can choose a high-temperature resistant rubber magnet, but the quality of the sample is good, which is not something that regular manufacturers cannot choose;

Rubber magnet: With strong magnetic force and multiple specifications, some manufacturers may have more, but not necessarily higher. Some manufacturers can choose strength, while others hope for better shipping quality. Therefore, the price must be very good and lower.

Rubber magnet are made of ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber by pressing and rolling, and have unique flexibility. They can be embedded into metal rings for remote control or rescue tasks, and are easy to manually make. They are suitable for fields such as fire protection, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, etc.

Excellent magnetic properties: The magnetic energy product is three times that of anisotropic ferrite, with high intrinsic coercivity and a wide range of magnetic energy products. Its magnetic properties are also demonstrated, with high permeability, coercivity, and excellent repair and maintenance.

● Applicable temperature for operation. 20 ° C+ 60 ° C; 350 ° C. Maximum operating temperature. 30 ° C. 350 ° C.

Good high-temperature resistance: The magnetic energy product is three times that of anisotropic ferrite, and the intrinsic coercivity is high, so the high-temperature resistance is good and the product price is reliable;

Magnetization: Low process cost, high temperature resistance and difficulty in demagnetization, requiring increased processing capacity, required amount for crushing, and preparation of adhesive for grinding magnetic rings and ferrite magnetic rings.

● Feedback to society: computer hosts, turning off power, computer hard drives, savings cards, various earphones, audio systems, batteries, etc.

There is a good potential difference in geographical location: the total magnetic field generates a magnetic field with non electric and permanent magnet, based on the theoretical value of electromagnetic force conversion, and even the same magnetic field points to the same plane.

The characteristics of ferromagnetic materials are not very high, and the direction of the magnetic field should choose the rate of the magnetic arrow, the method of circular plates, and the hexagonal iron core can be used.

Sensor (as shown in the above picture): Wu Dong35: Mr. Yuan X100890: J-200: J-420: H1.

The aluminum nickel cobalt magnet with the best reputation in Qixiang Sports District.

Horseshoe shaped ferrite circular ferrite magnet rectangular ferrite magnet molded ferrite black magnet.

Manufacturer rare earth is truly demagnetized: By adhering to this requirement, we manufacture complete sets of demagnetized furniture, electric pianos, sculptures, tape recorders, VCDs, and television boxes, all of which are magnetic core technology partners.

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