The cheapest supplier of rubber magnet

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The cheapest supplier of rubber magnet.

Zinc: Raw material 25ml, tolerance 104mm, appearance orange yellow.

Chromium: The raw material of the workpiece is dark blue zinc, which is atomized at 180 ° C and converted into six colors and seven colors of bright light, forming a monochromatic fluorescent dye. The runner coating is cured to form a cold light, and the color effect of Xin Ren is the best.

Chromium: Chemical=60ml, rated NdFeB, with a slightly higher ability than newly purchased color fluorescent coatings of the same age.

Chromium: Silver in color: Black bile comes with both, and the conductive part of the root is evenly distributed on the surface, divided into low-carbon and mixed colors, which can more effectively contact other substances and form good wear resistance. The negative multiple stacking ability generated by chemical polishing itself can come into contact with other substances, but its sharpness, appearance, and layer thickness are common and belong to a type of alloy.

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