The import and export volume of n52 magnet products has rebounded

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The import and export volume of n52 magnet products has rebounded by 102 words. Our ancestors used to be the same. Nineteen years ago, when we looked at hot topics, we believe we could receive a requirement that the larger the product size and the more exquisite the scale, the better the RI effect.

Label: Cleanliness 002mm, no decaying substances, strong magnet products are exquisitely electroplated and undamaged during processing. Gently pull up the magnetic buckle with your fingers and blow air onto the surface of the magnet. When the magnetic buckle passes by, it will be sucked back. If the magnetic buckle is too large and the color material is not clean, directly power it on and remove it to prevent harmful gases from entering.

All products have uniform magnetic properties compared to colors, as the residual magnetism of different products varies greatly; The residual Br value of a magnet is generally 1:5 times, so it should not be exceeded during production.

External dimensions: Cleanliness refers to the safe operation of the container's contents, and refers to the entire blank. Above the dimensions are micrometers, and the external dimensions are determined according to customer needs.

The toy magnet produced by Chihai Technology can attract various metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Its magnetic performance is durable and widely used in military, aerospace, electronics, metallurgy, electronics, communication, medical and other fields.

Toy magnet are composed of atoms such as iron, cobalt, and nickel. The internal structure of atoms is very special, with magnetic moments. magnet can generate magnetic fields and have the characteristic of attracting metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Strong magnet material: Made of magnet (such as iron, steel, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc.), rubber (such as iron, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc.), magnetic materials (such as iron, cobalt, etc.), and other metals, processed from various alloy elements such as iron, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc.

Toy magnet are attracted by the strong magnetism of metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. Due to its inherent magnetic properties, apart from standard magnetization, a satisfactory answer cannot be given. What are the magnet manufacturers in Dongguan Qiaotou.

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