The importance and urgency of accelerating the development of new directions for neodymium magnet products

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The importance and urgency of accelerating the development of new directions for neodymium magnet products. The "super magnet" rare earth permanent magnet materials and components require a relatively high performance level at a relatively high price. The product shape and size are generally in the market or difficult to prepare, with a wide range of applications, including sintering, bonding, injection molding, molds, electronic components, and integrated circuits, and through a wide range of channels, manufacturers, Quickly respond to the needs of modern industries, develop new product performance and reliability, and benefit from new users.

The requirement of not affecting the properties of permanent magnet while not compromising the manufacturing process of permanent magnet materials is the key to achieving customer success. The key is to follow relevant theories and practices.

What is the processing organization based on amorphous new amorphous alloys? The selection of parameters directly affects the manufacturing quality of permanent magnet materials, reduces manufacturing costs, and improves work efficiency.

By producing nucleic acids and strong magnet in large quantities, high-performance permanent magnet alloy materials are processed into products that meet the needs of downstream customers and meet their production needs.

This organization is designed to adapt or even replace imported customers. Nowadays, the development trend of rare earth permanent magnet alloys is strong, and they are far superior to the old independent materials.

It is mainly used for manufacturing magnetic components. Considering its price, the cost of Alnico's raw material magnetic steel has skyrocketed, and the production process of Fe magnetic steel is relatively low.

Using sintered Ru iron boron high-performance alloy, improving its grade, optimizing process, enhancing the comprehensive use ability of its products, and reducing costs.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to develop. The existing quality assurance policy is undoubtedly strong.

In order to continue providing customers with high-performance metal materials and complete product one-stop services, establish standardized business activities, and adhere to high-quality product characteristics and standards. We always adhere to the core concept of "integrity and practicality, striving for excellence", and the business policy of "quality first, standardized service". With high-quality products and strict after-sales service, we have won numerous customers.

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