There are several considerations for a good n52 magnet product

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A good n52 magnet product has these considerations as the most ideal, and can also be selected for excellence according to customer requirements.

The strongest magnet of N52 has passed the high-end NGS standard when matched with other products (specialized magnet for cochlear implants) in the supply chain.

The authenticity of N52 is an honor and qualification that enhances consumers' demands for products. 22 enterprises producing magnet with a capacity of 3 million tons/cm.

The authenticity of N52 is an honor and qualification that enhances consumers' demands for products. From the basic quotation, if the performance of a single product is at 10 yuan/kg, the stock price of each company is basically the same. Moreover, at 10 yuan/kg, the price of each magnet is basically different. The price of N52's powerful magnet is between 30 yuan/kg.

N52 strong magnet is a high-performance permanent magnet material with extremely high cost-effectiveness. The genuine value of N52 is its uniqueness because it contains extremely high cost-effectiveness and excellent performance price. There are two series of n52 strong magnet - first place.

The shape, size, and coating thickness of n52 strong magnet are factors that affect their price. The coating thickness of magnet is usually the color of galvanized, nickel plated, or chemical nickel. Common coating thicknesses include zinc plating, nickel copper nickel plating, black zinc plating, nickel copper nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, and epoxy resin coating.

The magnetic properties of n52 strong magnet are also affected unnecessarily by proximity to waste recycling. So it is necessary to separate the adhesive magnetic chamber from other metal products. We have obtained N50 types of gold in stock and support high-quality service. There are clips, locks, commonly used metal handles, or foldable computer enclosures around the tape. In order to provide better service, our products also need to export a large amount of packaging. For example, N38 has replaced other expensive magnet and added the magnetic properties of specialized magnet to this foundation. 2. Storage precautions: Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse.

Factory process flow: batching → melting and casting ingots → powder making → molding → sintering and tempering → magnetic testing → grinding processing → pin cutting processing → electroplating → magnetization → finished product.

Machine packaging → lead wire → sampling → stamping → packaging → shipment → pre-treatment → finished product and transportation packaging → delivery → packaging, etc.

The manufacturer directly supplies the strong magnetic hook QP steel plate clamp Tianxing series single-layer DP-6 DP-10

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