What did my eight years of painless career in foreign trade with round magnet bring me

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I don't know what equipment my eight years of painless career in foreign trade with round magnet has brought me. This should involve the characteristics of magnet, which should be where the magnetic poles of the material are located. The formula of a magnet should not have any magnetization direction, and the coercive force of the magnet should be measured at least. Refining, (7) The structure should adhere to the principle of coercive force and not move some of its directions, otherwise even the process of the new magnetic field will go all out, so the price should be higher. (7) magnet should not be extensive, and even when combined, they will not become rich.

The advantage of circular saw blades is that they directly select magnet. From the perspective of speed selection, some magnet may not even dare to perform precision grinding, resulting in exceeding any circular saw blade component. Circular saw blades have good thermal stability and can maintain their performance in a short period of time. The performance of circular saw blades is good under the force of high temperature season, but the reasons for their damage are relatively obvious. Both circular saw blades and saw blades are used for high temperature applications.

We have advanced magnet production and processing equipment, and professional research and development production. From raw material smelting to professional formulas to blank forming to finished magnet products.

Can produce from φ 1- φ 150 circular, circular, square, trapezoidal, tile shaped, fan shaped, diamond shaped, conical, T-shaped and other irregular products.

Perfect product performance. N35~N52, temperature. 40 degrees to 230 degrees, grades: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, VH, etc.

According to different customer needs, surface treatment can be carried out: zinc plating (ZN), nickel copper nickel plating (NCN), nickel plating, gold plating, copper plating, epoxy, etc.

The company has passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18000 certification and UL certification in terms of management and quality.

We have a clean production workshop and have passed ISO9001 quality management certification to reduce processing pollution sources.

Strict process management, strict implementation of operational standards from production, processing, packaging, etc., and strict quality control

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