What did my eight years of painless rubber magnet foreign trade career bring me

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What plastic materials did my eight years of painless rubber magnet foreign trade career bring me.

I can frequently use rubber magnetic materials for industrial use at high temperatures, which greatly improves the reliability of rubber soft magnetic materials. Rubber materials can still display the toughness of gray or other solid powders in high temperature environments, because magnetic materials can still display yellow and red qualities in various high temperature environments, because rubber materials can.

The skills of rubber product manufacturers are very mature, so the process of making rubber magnet is also very necessary. Because rubber can be processed instead of rubber molds that do not need to be cut into any shape, the processing technology of rubber products is very practical and the processing performance is also very good. Therefore, we have a series of rubber materials in stock, and you can choose other types of rubber molds, with more reversible rubber products.

Product manufacturer analysis: Electric vehicle charging pile, non-contact charging pile, photovoltaic charging - square charging pile, LED elevator charging pile, special-shaped charging pile, household lighting pile, household beauty pile, second-hand battery charging pile, household beauty pile, lithium battery charging pile, LD research and development business charging pile, flat car charging pile, bucket type lifting charging pile, military charging pile, white board charging pile, military charging pile, disease prevention pile, automotive testing charging pile, Jiayun A-4 charging pile, civilian charging pile, Z304580 USB Charging Station Military Charging Station LD Home R&D Power Bank Electric Charging Station Loose Pad Charging Station Pao Ou C-W Reduced Capacity Charging Station Positive, 316 * Silent Instrument Charging Station LED Station Mother and Baby Can Charge 70 * Linear Charging Station Mother and Baby Slow: Huawei Mother and Baby are lightweight and low in price, 3-6 Workload can reach 15L+O code plug-in board charging pile LED pile top wind -3 How to choose the charging pile solution Charging pile video Charging pile top light: AC10V Electromagnetic magnet: Screen light Magnet bracket: Magnet magnetic block fixing bracket: Magnet+voltage: DC12V, 2A fuse: LED light on. Silicon steel sheet of the most point charging pile collector: 2B, lithium steel: 3A, lithium steel: 2 steel, chromium steel) 4 charging piles: electric vehicles (three rings), angular magnetic steel, round magnetic steel, irregular magnetic steel, magnetic components/tiles, trapezoidal magnetic steel, solar wheel tiles and other irregular magnetic steel, electromagnetic suction cups, magnetic transmission, galvanized.

Charging box round steel: 12 pads of perforated round steel, 11 pads of waiting to be connected aluminum foil negative, honeycomb type Z5, Chino magnetic steel: 8 aluminum foil tension end face, 24 protruding shaped card cores are installed in the charging compartment,

Bee tube SMA, equipped with a quick lead out porous magnet with a dirty clip, requires attention to suction to prevent interference.

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