What is the difference between isotrophic rubber magnet and anisotropic?

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  Basically there is no difference between isotropic and anisotropic rubber magnet's function.

  However, we still can find some differences in properties. 

  First, magnetism is different. Usually, anisotropic rubber magnet's magnetism is much stronger than isotropic magnet.

  Secondly, isotropic and anisotropic can adapt to different environments. The isotropic rubber magnet is more suitbale with higher density and temperature. But the anisotropic rubber magnet cannot. 

  Thirdly, the scope of application is different. The isotropic rubber magnet is mainly used in some daily life, such as refrigerator magnets, various door seals and promotional products. And anisotropic rubber magnets are generally used in computers, printers or magnetic toys.

  With the development of science and technology, rubber magnetism has been widely used all over the world. In order to protect its magnetism from decay and maximize its function, we must maintain them well when we use rubber magnet. 

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