What you need to know about imported n52 magnet

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What you need to know about importing N52 magnet. 1cc for 2 months at d25K.

●: Maqiao Town, Xinqi County, Donghe City will accelerate the layout of the manufacturing industry, organize enterprise opening in the later stage, implement further optimization of strategic layout, continuously meet customer needs, and improve product quality.

Nickel zinc magnetic core "is one of the characteristics of transformer skeleton, mainly used to enhance the complexity of energy structure, improve the fluidity of iron powder, reduce the complexity of energy structure, and reduce or avoid transformer skeleton corrosion. Taking GHH magnetic cores as an example, due to the rise of power electronic components, the characteristics of manganese zinc ferrite materials have increased, and the dielectric constant has also increased. However, due to the volume of electronic components and high-frequency variable resistance, the transformer performance has decreased. In order to adapt to the electromagnetic direction of the frequency band, reduce its own electromagnetic bias load, and improve theoretical research results.

In recent years, as countries around the world seek to realize their decarbonization potential, especially on the basis of traditional soft magnetic ferrite, and with the help of power electronics technology, they have achieved breakthroughs from gas magnetic cores to deep layers in the form of certain technological waves, ultimately outputting decarbonization capabilities, becoming modern soft magnetic ferrite materials. This has been influenced by the development of industries such as power electronics, electrical electronics, liquid crystals, and other high-performance technologies, Driven by the transformation of nickel zinc ferrite technology, the application of power ferrite soft magnet in low-power communication, and the demand for power ferrite magnetic cores in broadband frequency characteristics is also rapidly increasing.

Nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials are expected to be replaced by injection molding machine auxiliary materials used in existing injection molding machines due to their thickness and ultra-thin multiples produced abroad. Nanocrystals () are high-tech materials that replace some imports, carrying the development of imported products and ceramic production industries.

Nanocrystals are also a strategic emerging material that emerged in the late 1930s, almost coexisting with various permanent magnetic materials such as permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials.

Nanocrystalline () is also a high-performance magnetic material widely used in fields such as electronics, power, aerospace, machinery, medical, and aerospace. With the continuous improvement of its performance, a high saturation magnetization processor has emerged in recent years, which increases the high magnetic field (volume ratio) several times larger than micrometers.

Nanocrystals are also high-performance magnetic materials widely used in fields such as electronics, medical, communication, and electronics. As a substitute for electronic materials, nanocrystals play an important role in extreme environmental conditions such as high frequencies due to their greater magnetization and adsorption capacity, as they are constantly subject to external factors.

Electroacoustic field: Speakers, receivers, microphones, alarms, stage audio, car audio, etc.

Electronic appliances: permanent magnet vacuum circuit breakers, magnetic holding relays, electricity meters, water meters, sound meters, reed tubes, sensors, etc.

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