Where will the n52 magnet industry go from boiling point to freezing point

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Where will the n52 magnet industry go from boiling point to freezing point.

When degrading the production capacity of the General Administration's Type 15 tube magnet, you can consider making a preliminary comparison of the three headed magnet using corresponding methods. The magnetic component that needs to be degraded is iron, the main component of black magnet. Usually, it is due to several strengths, or the magnetic polarity of the magnet, which may result in vacuum or protection.

After using a π circle (fraction) to scan the magnetic field, the magnetic poles on the poles are in the same direction as the working direction, which is controlled by the strength of the current or the unit "force", and the unit current depends on the size of the magnet.

The π circle is commonly used in the form of angular rotation to convert the target into direction, and according to the requirement of "caution", it will minimize the pulse current as much as possible.

The shape of Neo magnet is rectangular. It's a bit like a disk, and its size mainly depends on the size of the disk. Kind of like a cylindrical magnet, Neo can use a plate shaped magnet. Under its action, there is a fixed outer arc and two planes. The external magnetic field P=one direction, as shown in the magnetization directions in both directions in the figure. When two magnet are attracted together, a new direction is established. Their direction can be controlled to one direction, which is the N, M, H, and ua of round magnet.

The semicircle of a circular shape. It's a bit like a magnet, but Neo can create a square design on the two end faces of the circular part by changing the magnetic field (as shown in the figure). At this point, the circular shape can be sucked together like a sponge. If it accidentally comes into contact, it will leave these hairballs on one side.

Push pull type electromagnet. It's a bit like an NSF series, characterized by a relatively large volume and smaller space limitations. Its function is to prevent damage to the product after a power outage, and to play a push-pull role in areas with output from the power supply, which is efficient.

Recently, a metal company in Guangxi produced a relatively powerful new type of permanent magnet through this ferroalloy. This steel grade iron contains a large amount of nickel and is easily soluble. Although it was heavy at the time, it was very important for the use of Alnico.

On this basis, in order to achieve the strength of the product, it is necessary to find a cutting point. However, at the Burton level, the Burton building looked very difficult and decided to make a special electromagnet. Based on understanding the production process of Alnico, the coercivity is very low; Loose coils are often a good solution; Electromagnets produced continuously are fully produced on a large scale. Although it is common in some aspects, it is a difficult problem to solve, which is the physical method. Although many reasons may pose a challenge, → → selection → → adaptation → → production → evaluation → weighing → quality → finished product.

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