Wind power generation with neodymium magnet

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Wind power generation

Wind power generation is one of the important applications of Ndfeb magnets.At present, the global installed wind power capacity has exceeded 200 million KWH.

Wind turbines operate in very harsh conditions.They must be able to withstand heat, cold, sand, humidity and even salt spray.Wind turbines are typically designed to last 20 years.At present, sintered NdFeb permanent magnets are used in small wind turbines and megawatt permanent magnet wind turbines.Therefore, it is very important to select the magnetic parameters of neodymium permanent magnets, with corrosion resistance of the magnets.

The two main generators in the world today are the doubly-fed generator, and the direct-drive generator.In a doubly-fed generator set, the generator cost accounts for 7% of the total unit, while in a direct-drive generator set, the generator cost accounts for 31.5%.

Consistency of magnetic properties of wind NdFeb magnets

Large permanent magnet wind turbines typically use thousands of neodymium magnets.Each pole of the rotor contains a number of magnets.The consistency of the rotor pole requires the consistency of the magnet, including the consistency of dimensional tolerance and magnetic properties.The so-called consistency of magnetic properties includes: the deviation of magnetic properties between different individuals should be small, and the magnetic properties of a single magnet should be uniform.

Corrosion resistance of NdFeb

Ndfeb alloys contain active rare earth elements, which are prone to oxidation and rust.In applications, unless Ndfeb is encapsulated and isolated from air and water, Ndfeb should be considered as a surface corrosion protectant.Common anti-corrosion coatings are nickel, galvanized and electrophoretic epoxy resins.Surface phosphating can prevent NdFeb from rusting for a short time in a relatively dry environment.

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